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Sage Performance Issues on Standalone or Network

    Sage Networking Issues

    If you’re experiencing a significant Sage 50 performance issues on standalone or network after a recent Windows update, consider rolling back the update to see if your issue persists before rolling forward.

    Sage 50 Accounting Software regulates and handles all the day to day business transactions, making them run smooth and hassle free.

    Reasons of Sage Networking Issues

    • Sage Pervasive service requires re-installation
    • Network Settings does not allow Sage 50 to have complete control on the application
    • Your network connection is running at a very slow speed
    • The size of your data files is exceeding the minimum size required for system performance
    • Threat caused by Anti-virus and Firewall Settings

    Recommended Solutions for Sage Performance Issues on Standalone or Network

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Reinstall Pervasive Service

    Uninstall and then Re-install your version of Pervasive PSQL Workgroup Engine

    Set the Data File Permissions

    Verify and re-set the permissions for all your folders which are shared. Ensure that for each of your workstation, the shared folder is directly mapped to the main folder and not to any sub-folder.

    Size of the Database

    The size of your company database affects the performance of your application. If your database is too large the Sage software program will take much longer time to start. So it is recommended not to have large database files. In case, you are using Sage 50 for a bigger organization you can always go through the “purge process” to permanently erase and remove old data from you storage space

    Disable UAC

    User Access Control (UAC) might restrict Sage from accessing shared files and data on to the network. To avoid this issue, you need to “Disable UAC.”

    Firewall and Anti-Virus Exclusion Settings

    Changes must be made in your exception list of Firewall and Anti-virus settings so as to include required files to operate Sage properly

    Make changes in the setting for Global Options and Action Items

    It is always advisable to make clear your “Smart Data Entry“, which is available in the “Global Options” to improve your performance.

    Access to Authorized Users Only

    User access must be provided only to the proper access, every user must be either given administration rights or power user access rights.

    Size of .frm (Form Files)

    Size of the Custom Form Files should not be too large. If any of the form file’s size is going above the permissible size, delete such files. As form files are custom files they can be re-customized at any given point of time. Performing this action will make your program more responsive.

    The above mentioned Errors are common issues with Sage Accounting products. Sage Technical Team provides support for all the Sage 50 Accounting Products. Our experts are always there to resolve and help you in your Sage Related Issues. If you have any requirement for resources or information gathering, you can contact our Technical Support Team.