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How to Fix Sage Report Designer Error?

    Sage Report Designer Issue

    Sage 50 accounting software is a complicated piece of software which many people are not familiar with. This blog post tells you all about what to do if you encounter any problems with the software.

    Many business owners utilize Sage Report Designer to generate new report layouts, letters, and labels. Additionally, since the Sage Report Designer is always available, you have the choice to edit the current account. But while using Sage Designer Report, many of users come across with an issue like “Sage Report Designer Error”. You might be unable to use the Sage 50 accounting software due to such technical issues. Don’t Fret! Every error has solutions to overcome it. This blog post guide you for how to fix Sage Report Designer error. So, Stay Tuned.

    What is Sage Report Designer?

    A Sage Report Designer is an Excel sheet that contains design information for a report. This sheet can’t be opened by the default Excel application. If you’re encountering this issue, there’s a few things that you need to know.

    First, make sure that you have the latest version of Excel installed on your computer. Second, make sure that the file extension for the Sage Report Designer is “.xlsx”. If the file extension is something else, like “.xls”, then you won’t be able to open it using Excel. Third, make sure that you are attaching the Sage Report Designer to a workbook that has been saved as a .xlsx file. Fourth, if you’re having trouble opening the Sage Report Designer because of security restrictions, make sure that you have administrator permissions on your computer. Fifth, if none of these solutions work, please contact customer service for assistance.

    What are the Reasons Behind Sage Report Designer Error?

    Well, there are multiple reasons behind the occurrence of such technical issue.

    Few of them are jotted down:

    ❖ Wrong printer settings

    ❖ Chosen incorrect records.

    ❖ Damaged printer driver

    ❖ There is a lack of the necessary information.

    ❖ The default printer driver setting does not include the printer driver.

    ❖ Sage 50 E-mail writers are the operating system’s default printer.

    Steps by Steps to Fix Sage Report Designer Error

    The discussed-below are the possible fixes that can help you troubleshoot the Sage 50 report designer automation.

    Let’s execute one by one:

    Total Time: 40 minutes

    Verify Image Resolution and File Size

    The report or layout contains a picture with a high resolution, which is the primary reason for the occurrence of the Sage designer report system problem. Therefore, it is advised to delete the image and access the layout once more. If it is started successfully, swap out the current image for one with a smaller file size or lower resolution.

    Making Save Printer Settings False

    ❖ Initially, launch the Sage Report Designer and then open the document
    ❖ In the Report Explorer pane, select Properties in your next move
    ❖ Following that, change Save Printer Settings to False
    ❖ Finally, choose Save by going to the File menu.

    Update Default Printer Driver

    Update the Default Printer Driver

    ❖ To begin, hold down the Windows + R keys at the same time to open the Run window
    ❖ Enter control printers into the search box right away, and make a note of the default printer name
    ❖ Do a right-click on any of the available printers to select Set as the default printer
    ❖ Open Sage and review the document
    ❖ Close the Sage program while you wait
    ❖ Once again, simultaneously hit Windows and R to keys to open the Run window
    ❖ Select the default printer by right-clicking in control printers.
    ❖ Make the default printer as your printer option
    ❖ Finally, launch the Sage software.

    Check Existing Information

    If you attempt to run a report to access information that does not exist on the system, an error message can show up.

    You should run the following reports to verify the data:

    ❖ If you run a month-long subcontractor invoice with a failed CIS return submission
    ❖ If invoices aren’t being kept in Sage 50 accounts but you’re still running the report invoice
    ❖ Run an ageing debtor report and a sales credit day book
    ❖ Run the product activity report for the item with no transactions
    ❖ Run the “customer statement” report now, selecting the “outstanding items only” layout even though the client account already contains the outstanding transactions.

    Check Selected Records

    Only the module’s highlighted items are included in the Sage 50 Payroll Reports. If the highlighted records didn’t fit the report’s criteria, an error notice can show up. Check to make sure the items are properly highlighted to remedy this, or click a clear tab to deselect the highlighted records. The steps to check the report settings in Sage 50 are listed below.

    Check the system to find the reports if you have a multi-user license activated.

    These are the steps:

    ❖ First, click the Settings icon
    ❖ Next, go to the Company Preferences tab and select it to open
    ❖ After that, click on the Reporting button
    ❖ Verify the checkbox if the reports are selected along with the data directory
    ❖ Make sure to deselect the field labelled “Use data path for reports” if the report appears in the standard settings directory or if the report location is left unchanged.
    ❖ Finally, click the “Ok” button.

    Look Over Applied Search

    You can use a filter option in the module where you run the reports. Run “Reports only” to display program data. When running the Aged Debtor report, if an error occurs, erase the search and modify it to access the report’s related information. Verify the customer’s default delivery address.

    Resolve Error Message Says “Chart is Blank”

    A chart of accounts is necessary for management reports.

    To find a ledger account, follow these steps:
    ❖ Click the More Settings button to find it
    ❖ To access the “Chart of Accounts” tab, click it
    ❖ After that, you can sort and filter the list by name or number by clicking the search field
    ❖ Now, sort the list by clicking on the “Type” button
    ❖ At last, discover the search drop-down.

    Verify Report Filter

    The report cannot be run if it has been customised.

    To use the filter, try clearing it and then regenerating it using the instructions below:

    ❖ Choose the document you want to add and then click on the Edit option
    ❖ Select the Report followed by choosing the Report properties
    ❖ Change the report’s name and description
    ❖ Click the “Ok” button
    ❖ Select the Report button and then click Filters
    ❖ Using the drop-down button, create the filter
    ❖ Once again click on the “Ok” button
    ❖ Move to the File menu and then select the “Save as” option
    ❖ Create a new file name
    ❖ Finally, click on the Save button.

    Reset Email’s Quick Print and Settings

    ❖ Go to the settings and then select Invoice and Order Defaults
    ❖ You can also select Email or Quick Print
    ❖ Pick the proper layout
    ❖ At last, hit the “Ok” button.

    For Free Consultation With Sage 50 Experts: Just Call or Chat with US


    The blog post listed above will undoubtedly help you Fix Sage Report Designer Error. In this post, you can find the relevant reasons and solutions. To receive immediate help, contact Experts via the Sage 50 Helpdesk Team if you run into any problems when resolving the problem. We have a skilled team that can resolve any of your problems without any delay.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Do I Launch Sage Report Designer?

    Open the document by first going to the Sage Report Designer. Select the Report Explorer pane next, then select the description of the currently open document. Next, select the Name box located in the Properties window. The description of the new document must then be entered.

    How Can I Verify Customer’s Default Address in Sage 50?

    Obtain the customer’s record by opening it. Select the Addresses and contacts menu item. After that, go to the Preferences tab. Verify that the drop-down list is set to one, then change it to the registered address. Click the “Ok” button. Select Close, then click Save.

    How Does Sage 50 Allow You to Make Reports?

    The steps that can be taken to create a new report are listed below:

    ❖ First, select a section from the Sage 50 HR navigation bar’s Tasks pane
    ❖ Afterward, choose the reports option
    ❖ To start the Report Wizard, select “New
    ❖ Finally, only select Back after the Select Fields window has appeared.

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