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How to Fix Sage Server Busy Error?

    Sage Server Busy

    The Sage 50 is the accounting software developed for the medium and small business. It basically takes over all the financial needs of the user giving them ample of time to devote on their business. This product was created by the Sage Group and is available in desktop version as well as the Sage 50 cloud version. Now the user can work from anywhere and anytime. It also have many features along with some add-on application which will help the user in reducing their workload.

    Even though it is an exceptional software there are certain circumstances where the user may encounter some errors. These errors will act as an obstacle. In that situation the user can try resolving the errors by the steps given below or contact the customer support of sage. The Sage users can call them on their toll free number.

    What is Sage Server Busy Error?

    This error arises due to multiple reasons if there are any printer issues or errors, Windows updates are not successfully installed, virus software, permissions and more. Sometimes, it can also happen due to Network or Connectivity issues which can occur on servers and on your host machine as well. When this issue is encountered then it appears three options like

    • Switches to
    • Retry
    • Cancel

    You may receive the following error notification when processing payroll in Sage:

    “Server Busy – This action cannot be completed because the other program is busy. Choose ‘Switch to’ to activate the busy program and correct the problemSwitch To, Retry, Cancel”

    Causes For Sage 50 Server Busy Error Are:

    • The user tried to print the report from the preview window while the previous print window was not closed.
    • There was a report running in the system which uses the output radio buttons.
    • The printer driver issues of the system.
    • The issues of antivirus software and permissions.

    What Can Lead To Sage Server Busy Error?

    As discussed above, this issue occurred due to server occupancy problems. Below are some of the frequent causes are listed down:

    • Windows updates are not installed successfully
    • Any report is already open and you’re attempting to get a printout of the refresh report
    • Antivirus is not configured to exclude the Sage files
    • Previous report has used the output radio buttons and concurrently you’ve selected email
    • There are printer problems or its related issues.

    Steps for Resolve Sage 50 Server Busy Error

    Here are two methods by which you can resolve the Sage Server Busy Error. The Sage user needs to follow the steps given below:

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Install Any Windows Updates, Restart Your System and Log On As Administrator

    The very first, you make sure that you’ve checked for, and installed, any required Windows updates.

    🔶 Close all the running software including the Sage Payroll 
    🔶 Next, press the Windows + R keys from your keyboard 
    🔶 After that, type wuapp and then hit the Ok tab 
    🔶 Click on the option “Check online for updates from Microsoft Update” 
    Perform on-screen instructions to download and install the updates if any available 
    🔶 Finally, you have to restart your PC and log on as a Windows Administrator 

    Also, you can repeat the same steps 2 to 5 until there are no further updates to install.

    Configure Your Antivirus Software to Exclude the Sage Payroll Files

    You should adjust your antivirus program to exclude Sage files to prevent the error notification from appearing again in the future. To know which files, you have to exclude from the Anti-virus checks. Using the below steps, you can identify the files and folders that Sage Payroll uses. So that you can exclude them from your antivirus software’s scanning routine. This can help to improve the performance of Sage Payroll as well.

    To Identify Your Sage Payroll Application And Data Directories, Use The Following Steps:

    🔶 Initially, open the Sage Payroll and then log into a payroll as usual 
    🔶 Next, click Help >>> System Information on the menu bar 
    🔶 Now, go to the Program Details and make a note of the Program Directory and Data Directory links. 

    Only your Sage Payroll program accesses the following folders and subdirectories:

    🔶 The Sage Payroll program and data directories 
    🔶 C:\Program Data\Sage 
    🔶 C:\Program Files (x866)\Common Files\Sage SBD or C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sage SBD
    🔶 C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sage Ireland Payroll or C:\Program Files\Common Files\Sage Ireland Payroll.

    Run the Sage Payroll as an Administrator

    You can apply the different steps for different Windows version:

    Windows 10

    🔶 On your Windows desktop and do a right-click on the relevant tax year option of the Sage Payroll and then do a left-click on Properties 
    🔶 Next, click on the Compatibility tab 
    🔶 Now, select the check box named “Run this Program as an Administrator” 
    🔶 Finally, click the Apply and then Ok tab.

    Windows 8

    On your Windows desktop and do a right-click on the relevant tax year option of the Sage Payroll and then do a left-click on Properties
    🔶 Next, hit the tab “Compatibility” 
    🔶 you have to select the checkbox named “Run as an Administrator” 
    🔶 In the end, click “Apply” and then Ok. 

    Windows 7

    On your Windows desktop and do a right-click on the relevant tax year option of the Sage Payroll and then do a left-click on Properties
    🔶 Click on the Shortcut tab and then click “Advanced” 
    🔶 you have to select the checkbox named “Run as an Administrator” 
    🔶 At last, click Ok twice followed by “yes”

    Windows Vista

    On your Windows desktop and do a right-click on the relevant tax year option of the Sage Payroll and then do a left-click on Properties
    🔶 Click on the Shortcut tab >>> Advanced 
    🔶 Next, you have to select the checkbox named “Run as an Administrator” 
    🔶 Finally, click on the “Ok” button twice and then hit “Continue”.

    Download and Install the Latest Update of the Sage Payroll

    You can download the latest version of Sage Payroll from the download section from the Sage website.

    Our Assistance :

    In this article, you get information about what are the causes and how to fix the Sage server busy error. This helps you to implement the solution on your own. If you have any problems or queries or errors then the team is available. You can get connected with team members via toll-free numbers, Sage live chat, or email. They are here to help you 365 days a year so that you get the best assistance if you are facing any glitches.

    💠Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What If I Want To Update Windows Operating System To Fix The Server Busy Error In My Computer?

    Ans. In this case, you can update your Windows system using the Windows settings. To update it the steps are:-

    ✓ Initially, close your Sage 50 software or other software if opened
    ✓ Then open the Run window by pressing Windows + R keys together
    ✓ Type the “wuapp” in the text field
    ✓ Then press Enter button from the keyboard
    ✓ Now, click on Check online for updates from Microsoft update
    ✓ The update is available then download it by following few instructions
    ✓ After that, install it by following the displayed instructions on your screen
    ✓ After completion of installation, reboot your system
    ✓ Then login as Administrator
    ✓ Now you are done, check for errors.

    Q 2. If I Got The Server Busy Error While Running Payroll Then Do I Have To Run Payroll As Admin Or Administrator?

    Ans. Yes, you must try to run your Sage 50 Payroll as administrator to check if it fixes the Sage server busy error on your computer. To run Sage Payroll as administrator the steps are as follows:-

    ✓ In your system, go to the Sage 50 icon
    ✓ Then right-click on the Sage 50 icon
    ✓ From further drop-down options, select Run as Administrator
    ✓ Right-click on the Sage 50 icon
    ✓ Further, select Properties options
    ✓ Click on the Compatibility tab
    ✓ Choose the checkbox to tick mark that is named as Run as Administrator
    ✓ Click on the Apply button to save all the changes
    ✓ Then click on the OK button to close the window
    ✓ Now, run the Sage software by double-clicking on it.

    Q 3. If It Won’t Resolve The Error Sage Server Busy Then Can I Reinstall The Sage Software?

    Ans. Yes, you can uninstall and then reinstall the Sage 50 software using a complete process without any interruption. This helps you to resolve the error in your computer using sage software. By reinstalling it properly it kept you away from many other problems.