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How to Fix Sage System Error 8- IM003 Specified Driver Could not be Loaded

    IM003 Specified Driver Could not be Loaded

    What is Sage System Error 8 & How to Fix

    The Sage 50 is the accounting software owned by the Sage Group. It was basically created for the small and medium business. It is the world renowned software which provides the several financial management packages which helps is cash flow, invoices, and billing. In US version of Sage, the users can switch between the English and Spanish languages. But under certain instances the user can also encounter some errors while working on the Sage software. The user can come across errors such as Sage system error 8. To rectify this error, the users can follow the steps given below or contact the customer support by calling on their toll free number .

    Caused of Sage System Error 8 IM003 Specified Driver Could not be Loaded

    Sage System error 8

    The Sage System Error 8 is caused when the user runs a report or a layout. The user will receive error message such as:

    ‘The report could not be generated. IM003 specified driver could not be loaded due to system to system error 8’

    It is caused by various reasons. One such reason for this error is the problem of Sage 50 ODBC driver. There may be some other reasons also responsible like issues with the memory resources in their system or when the user is trying to run the reports through the Excel Integrated Reporting.

    Steps for Fix Sage System Error 8 IM003 Specified Driver Could not be Loaded

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    To Resolve this Sage system 8 error, the users will have to follow the steps below:

    🔶 Log into the system as the administrator.
    🔶 Go to help and then click on about.
    🔶 Go to Program Details option then click on the Program Directory.


    Here you have to look for the Sage Accounts 2011 (v17) and below versions

    🔶 Go to help option.
    🔶 From here go to About option, then go to System Information.
    🔶 Now go to directories then note the Program Directory.
    🔶 Finally Click on OK.
    🔶 Now open the File menu and click on Exit.
    🔶 If there is a prompt message to back up the data, then click on the NO option on the dialog box.
    🔶 Now the user will have to press and hold down the Windows Key and press E.
    🔶 Now browse for the Program Directory and then click on ODBC32.
    🔶 Now Double click on the Setup.exe file.
    🔶 Click on yes and finally click on finish.


    🔶 If there is a dialog box on the screen where they are asking for the permission to confirm the uninstalling the program.
    🔶 Click on OK and then Finish
    🔶 Now the user will have to double click on the Setup.exe once again.

    By following the steps above the user can successfully resolve the Sage System Error 8. For more information, they can call on the toll free number .

    What is

    There are certain instances when the user is trying to call the Sage Customer Support for some assistance but due to certain issues they are unable to establish the connection with them. In that situation they will have to look for another alternative. One such alternative is the Accounting Problem. They are the Sage Customer Support consultant. They have Sage certified experts who provides their expertise to the various Sage users worldwide. To contact them the user will have to call on their toll free sage technical support number for the assistance and they will guide them throughout the process until the error is eliminated.