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Sage 50 Not Accepting the Correct Password?

    Sage not accept correct password

    Are you tired of logging into the Sage 50 account again and again but it is not accepting the correct password? The error Sage 50 not accepting the correct password happens because of many reasons. It mainly happens when you are opening the wrong company file or there are some issues with your Sage 50 account. First, identify the reason and then process the solutions that are mentioned below. Also, get to know the reasons because of that you are facing this issue.

    The List of Reasons that Cause Sage 50 not Accepting Correct Password

    The reasons are as follows:-

    • You have opened the wrong company file
    • Not able to reset the password
    • You are not having a license
    • DTA file is damaged
    • You have restored the backup.

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    How to Troubleshoot Sage 50 Won’t Accept Correct Password Error?

    Before you decide to move ahead and perform the suggested measures to fix this issue, we would recommend bearing the given facts in mind:

    • Firstly, you need to check whether you are able to sign in the accurate company or not.
    • Ensure that the Usernames and Pins that are you are using is case sensitive
    • Validate that you enter the user ID and PIN accurately as they were recorded during registration; for instance, Postcode, PASS-CODE, and pass code are not swappable.
    • If you are not certain what your user ID is, then look through your business’s directory and search for *.cac and *.cax; any files are user ids–the file title is the user ids: for instance, BOB.caxthen a user id is BOB.
    • If the user was created in a preceding version of Sage 50 and the user id is lengthier than 16 characters, or the pass code lengthier than 9 characters, provide as much of each as will appropriate and press OK.
    • Click on the Microsoft Word or Notepad and provide your pass-code in there to confirm all keystrokes are recorded appropriately. Then attempt to copy the duplicate and paste the confirmed pass-code into the pass code tab.
    • The admin user in each business can reorganize pass codes. If the admin can sign in, then you can proceed with the guidelines as mentioned in Solution I. On the other hand, if the manager cannot sign in, then you need to proceed with the guidelines as mentioned in Solution II.

    Steps to Fix Sage 50 Login Issue

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Retune User’s Passcode

    🔹 Try to sign as an Admin user and then reset your pass code
    🔹 Again check whether the user is able to sign in after resetting the password or not.

    Opening Wrong Company

    🔹 You need to open the program and then click on the Browse button to find all the companies.
    🔹 Choose the right company.
    🔹 Again check whether the user is able to sign in or not.

    User Doesn’t Have License

    🔹 Sign in to the company as a user with all Admin rights
    🔹 Go to Maintain option, click on Users, and after that select Set Up Security
    🔹 Put a tick mark on the License box that you can find next to the User’s name
    🔹 Hit OK button
    🔹 Sign in to the company as a user with Admin rights on some other user’s system.
    🔹 Confirm the user is still displaying the license
    🔹 Confirm whether the user can sign in with their registered username or not.

    Not Able to Reset the User’s Password or Administrator not Able to Sign in

    If you are not able to fix the issue, despite following the above-stated steps then we would recommend you to seek the assistance of Sage experts by calling on Sage tech service helpdesk number

    Reinstate Backup Made Before Transfiguration

    🔹 Go to the File option and browse Reinstate
    🔹 Go to Browse, choose the anticipated backup, and then hit on Open tab
    🔹 Click on Next
    🔹 Choose the preferred reinstate process:
    🔹 Overwrite present company data or Company
    🔹 Make a new company with the use of the reinstated data
    🔹 Click on Next tab
    🔹 Choose the preferred reinstate options:
    🔹 Company Information
    🔹 Tailored Forms
    🔹 Web Proceedings
    🔹 Intelligence Reporting Logs or Business Intelligence Journals
    🔹 Click on Next
    🔹 Confirm the reinstate options, and then click on Finish
    🔹 The company account will open when the reinstate process is complete


    In conclusion, you get to know why the error “Sage 50 not Accepting the Correct Password” in your Sage 50. So, you just have to identify the reason and then implement the solution. All the information is given by the Sage expert. So don’t worries just go with it and fix the problem.

    Still, you have any questions or queries then let the Sage helpdesk team know about it. So, they can help you by assisting you with the answers and solutions. You can connect with the team via email, toll-free number, or live chat. The team is available 24/7 hours to help you out with all your glitches.

    💠Frequently Asked Questions💠

    Can I Try to Login With Other Passwords to Fix Sage 50 Not Accepting Correct Password?

    Yes, you can try it by entering the different passwords. If you have restored it from an old backup then try to enter your old password that you used to access your data. This can resolve your issue of Sage 50 account login.

    If the Error “Sage 50 Not Accepting Correct Password” Still Happens Can it be Resolved by Updating Sage 50?

    Yes, you can update the Sage 50 accounting software. To update it, open the Sage into your computer. Then click on the Help menu option. After that click on the Check for Updates option. If an update is available; do it by following instructions shown on the screen.

    What if Error “Sage 50 Not Accepting Correct Password” is not resolving, can i Resolve it Using any other Way?

    You must try to reset the Sage 50 password encryption. For this you have to uninstall the Sage 50 software. After uninstall, delete all the Sage cryptography files then reinstall the Sage 50 software into your computer.

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