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How to Save a QuickBooks File to a Flash Drive

    Save QuickBooks File to Flash Drive

    One of the best ways to secure significant business information is to back up data at regular intervals, which is stored in the company files of QuickBooks.

    Note: A flash drive is also termed as a thumb drive, USB, or memory stick, which is portable, easy to use, and inexpensive to back up valuable QuickBooks data.

    Whether the purpose is to transfer the company file to different networks or computers, the data is required to be taken to your particular accountant.

    Why do you Need to Save a QuickBooks File to a Flash Drive?

    The best way to set up a portable QuickBooks database that can be accessed from various unconnected computers is to save the company file in a flash drive which can be manually moved between computers.

    To save a QuickBooks file, ensure the flash drive has adequate space, and also keep a backup file of the database on a daily basis.

    Note: Always eject the flash drive before it is removed to prevent any data loss.

    Steps to Transfer QuickBooks Files to a Flash Drive?

    Step 1: Select the File tab and then choose Backup

    Step 2: The Backup Wizard appears on the screen and then choose Backup Copy

    Step 3: Select Next on the Backup

    Step 4: For first-timers, who are taking the backup of the company file, the backup location needs to be selected and the automatic backups frequency.

    Step 5: Select Options and choose the location where the backup file needs to be saved and the automatic backups frequency.

    Step 6: Select OK and then click Next

    Step 7: Select Save it Now and then click Next

    Step 8: Select Save again and then save the backup file in the desired location

    Points To Note

    • The backup file cannot be used to work offline
    • It certainly cannot be used as a snapshot to restore valuable data into QuickBooks
    • It can include crucial financial information about the company
    • It cannot be imported into QuickBooks directly. For this purpose, Export to QuickBooks options should be used.

    For a business to take off smoothly and rise to the pinnacle of success, it is imperative to save QuickBooks files to flash drives, so that valuable data does not go missing.

    Final Words

    For those who need technical help to save a QuickBooks file to a flash drive, hire the services of a professional for complete assistance.

    To get any technical assistance, please call QuickBooks experts at, any day.