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How to Setup Recurring ACH Payments in QuickBooks

    ACH Payment in QuickBooks

    Ach payment means Automated clearinghouse. After your customers enter the bank information, QuickBooks prepare the ACH and check with the ACH network. You can also say it a service which is used to move money information from one bank to another bank. Bill pay and direct deposit are some of the examples of ACH. It saves time, resources and minimizes the issues and errors.

    If we talk in one line it is the term used for money transfer from one financial institution to another financial institution.

    How ACH Recurring Payment Works?

    ACH is an electronic network that processes payment in batches or parts. The ACH network does a lot of transactions in a day, then makes all the transactions at a single time. This makes and processes the funds between banks easily and securely. It is also inexpensive and save paper and avoid to do paper checks.

    ACH debit– With the help of ACH debt funds are taken from your bank account. ACH is initiated by another party and after successfully ACH registrations money is transferred to the other party’s account. This is commonly used for bill payment, direct payments for vendors, etc.

    ACH debit is used because of convenience such as paper reduction, easy tracking in account system, automated bookkeeping, etc.

    ACH credit – ACH credit is spending money from one account to another instead of payment processing. ACH credit can also be used for business. Some benefits are No checks, speed, automatic tracking, etc.

    Benefits of ACH Recurring Payments

    ACH payments are beneficial. Some of the benefits are given below:

    • Accurate payment – ACH payment is accurate and suitable to handle your payments. You can boost your cash flow and prevent late payment.
    • Payment is faster- ACH payment normally takes 1 to 5 business days to credit to your account. You don’t need to worry about the payments.
    • ACH is safer – It is seen that ACH payment is safer than normal payments. It is more protective of threats, hackers, etc.
    • ACH payment is better for everyone – ACH is modern, efficient, and useful for you and your customer base as ACH is simple and straight to use.

    Setting up ACH Recurring Payments in QuickBooks

    To show the invoice button you need to link your ACH payments account to QuickBooks.

    To connect your payment account.

    • Select the gear icon and then go to company settings
    • select payment from the left menu
    • Select connect option
    • An additional window opens with the name as an Intuit payment solution. The connections automatically look for the QuickBooks payment account.
    • check all-important disclosure then confirm if a correct account is selected or not
    • If everything is ok to select the link account
    • Once everything is done sign out and sign in again

    QuickBooks ACH payment is necessary to feature which helps every user to setup the payment transfers.

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