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Setup Automate Payments in QuickBooks

    Automate Payments in Quickbooks

    QuickBooks is the number one cloud based software that is used worldwide for the business of all size and sector. The software is developed with automatic features that help in seamless execution of tasks and saves plenty of time and money. With the powerful functionalities and tools the software helps in accelerating business growth and gaining awareness. Out of so many features the QuickBooks application user is benefited to configure automatic payment for their customers to make payments to the company and for vendors as well. You can setup Automatic Payment in QuickBooks by reaching out to Accounting Problem helpline team. This feature helps in easy payment for the services provided by them. The process is detailed below:

    Configuration of Automatic Payment Process via Recurring Check to Make Vendor Payment

    Usually every business comprises of two primary sections of dealers: Vendors/Suppliers and the Customers. These sections are supposed to be paid from the company or pay to the company. To make the process easy and avoid creating new paper and checks of same amount on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, the user can configure a payment account in the name of the vendor within QuickBooks application. This will help in regular check payment. The below steps need to be followed for the same. Go through it thoroughly:

    • Find out a previously created check or create a new one with the recurring payment amount.
    • Keep in mind the same check throughout:
      • Go to the labeled Check screen, then search and choose the Memorize option (Click at a time on CTRL + M) else Move to Edit tab in the main menu and then Click on Memorize Check tab.
      • Choose the labeled Reminder tab.
      • The next option ‘How Often’ is to accord that the particular user can select the frequency of the reminder.
      • The next is the ‘Date’ field that indicates the correct date for the due date for the next payment.
      • When you reach to the Number Remaining field enter the details regarding the number of payments that an application is needed.
      • The ‘Days in Advance to Enter’ field accord few days earlier to the payment due date configure reminder for by the program. To acquire a same day reminder the user should enter ‘0’ in the blank field.
      • To save the details and remember the process click on ‘OK’ tab that will bring the user back to screen called ‘Write Checks’.
      • For setting the payment for ‘Auto pay’ unchecked the Print Later option. Under this circumstance this option is not checked the check will be lined up to be paid on the same day that is within the system.
      • Those users who go ahead with ‘Autopay’ option, the check number requires to be replaced with ’Epay’ or ‘Auto Payment’.
      • Save the check and its related information then Click on Save and Close tab.
    • Considering the option that is selected under Reminder category, user will be notified about vendor payment via creating a check or printing the same when the due date is close.

    Configuration Automatic Payment Process for the Customer

    Configuring automatic payment process in favor of vendors is common but similar process can be configured for regular customers of the business auto-pay for the products and services as well. Prior setting up, consider the points listed below:

    • For the customer who is using VISA or bank draft for payment, then the customer is supposed to provide the VISA details that is supplemented within their profile.
    • The user should have an active subscription for merchant services connected with the QuickBooks program.

    When you are through with verification the QuickBooks user is all set for creating the auto payment for recurring transaction that are listed below:

    • Start QuickBooks program and find out the company name in the top right side of the window.
    • Choose the Recurring transaction option and then click on ‘New’ tab.
    • Finally choose the Sales Receipt of the particular customer.

    QuickBooks Desktop Payments Set Up Recurring PaymentsVideo Tutorial

    The step mentioned above authorizes the QuickBooks user to configuration auto payment feature for Customers/Vendors & Suppliers. It is a simple and easy process that can be executed by all users (newbie as well as experienced) about the software or the operating system. If the user fails to complete the process and faces trouble, it is recommended to connect with our Accounting Problem QuickBooks helpdesk experts team. Call our toll free QuickBooks phone support number and acquire support.