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How to Setup Class Tracking in QuickBooks

    Setup Class Tracking in QuickBooks

    QuickBooks makes easy to fulfill your all business essentials with its advanced features. To track and manage the particular expenses and shared expenses which are integrated with more than one accounts and managing the accounting and all expenses which are specifically associated with the account type. QuickBooks Online accounting software offers user-friendly processing for creating a setup class tracking which allows running faster to handle you are all business accountancy. With the class tracking option, you get control across overall expenses which leads to growing the business economy.

    Setup Class Tracking in QuickBooks, You need to Perform these Steps:

    • First of all open your QuickBooks account, on the open page, click on the EDIT and select “Preferences”.
    • To access the class tracking, you need to go to the menu and click on the “Accounting Preferences sub-Category.”
    • Then, go with “company preferences” click and choose “Use class tracking” and click on “OK to set up the class tracking in the online QuickBooks account with the help of the desktop application.
    • After that, the class tracking option is active on the profile of your company. From the menu, select your company list and go with “Class List” to set up the class according to the categories for managing the accounts and expenses.
    • Then your next click towards the “Class” which is at the bottom of your screen and click on “NEW” to make a new class in QuickBooks.
    • Now, you can create class type account for all expenses such as technical technology solutions, outsourcing real costs, travel sources and all other payment issues.
    • Now fill the required input information such as the name associated with its class. If in any class, there is an issue with a class like the broken down page, you need to enter the “Sub-class” with all necessary information in the text sections.
    • In the end, you are all set to associate the class with a dedicated expense by selecting on the input expenses while you fill the entire information and classes are set up to be associated with regular entries you create in QuickBooks account. The fact is that you can use this specifically for customer’s bills and payroll real costs.

    The setup of class tracking in QuickBooks takes a little bit of time to set up which leads to paying off for the long time-period run. The place is full of all company expenses where can easily view and manage all information regarding your organization budget and helps it to stay on top.

    How to Setup and use Classes in QuickBooks

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