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How to Setup Intuit Data Protect in QuickBooks

    Intuit Data Protect in QuickBooks

    IDP stands for Intuit Data Protect. It is a subscription backup service used to back up files & folders of QuickBooks. Set up IDP and say goodbye to the burdensome of data backup; it will perform this process every day. You can easily manage the backup, like monitoring the history, modifying the files, and updating the email reminders. This article will cover the guidance on how to set up IDP in QuickBooks.

    Prerequisite for Intuit Data Protect

    You need to follow the below-given requirements to set up and run the IDP smoothly:

    • Ensure that you are trying to install it in Windows 7 or advanced Operating systems
    • You must have local admin rights in the system.
    • Check the QuickBooks Desktop is completely installed; it requires full version installed on the system or Server where you try to set up IDP.
    • You will require storing files and folders on the local area network.
    • Network drives which you are mapping are incompatible for sharing the local file path on the system.
    • Ensure you update the Norton life lock certificate every six months for the security objectives. Log out, and the re-open Intuit Data protect.
    • Change settings in Internet Explorer by adding access to Intuit Data protect sites. Follow the below steps:
    • Locate Internet Explorer
    • Choose the gear icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
    • Click Internet Option
    • Discover the Security option
    • Click and pick the trusted sites and then hit on Sites.
    • Choose a close option after adding all the IDP secure websites.

    Steps for Setup Intuit Data Protect in QuickBooks

    Firstly Sign up, now Set up Intuit Data Protect on the system to save the files. Here is the list of steps to start:

    • Open your QuickBooks on the Server or system in which you store the files related to QuickBooks. If you forget to remember the location, then press the F2 key from the keyboard to find out.
    • Now locate the File option.
    • Choose Back Up Company
    • Click on Setup/Activate Online Backup
    • Sign in through the registered email during sign-up; it is dissimilar to QuickBooks login.
    • Once the setup process complete, then click on the Continue button.
    • Choose the QuickBooks Company file and then proceed with the continue option.
    • If you have the complete PC plan, then choose the folder you need to back up then Click on Continue.
    • Now locate checkbox named Back up local selected documents.
    • Hit on Continue option
    • Select the files and folders need to back up, then click on the Continue option displaying on the screen
    • Now schedule the daily backup.
    • After this, click on Continue.
    • Adjust the notifications settings and then click on Continue
    • The backup might take many hours, depending upon the size and number of selected files.
    • Once done now, the backup will take a few minutes.

    Steps for View Intuit Data Protect Backup Status and History in QuickBooks

    Once you setup, you can quickly view the Backup History, Change the settings and check the status with simple steps.

    • Locate the Intuit Data Protect icon displaying in green color on the bottom right corner of the screen
    • Do a Right-click on it and then Click Open Intuit Data Protect.
    • Now select View Backup History to open the Backup Details page.
    • This page will display the chronological list of the taken backup.
    • You can scroll down the list to view the history to discover the date and timestamp of the preferred entry of backup you are searching for. Here is the list of steps:
    • Open the Intuit Data Protect
    • Click on View Backup History displaying in the Main Window.

    Steps for Change Files in Intuit Data Protect

    Once you choose Change Backup Settings, add or remove files from the backup set and modify the email notification preferences; here are steps:

    • Open IDP(Intuit Data Protect)
    • Click on Change Backup Settings
    • Locate QuickBooks Data Window, then select the files you need to backup
    • Choose the additional folder you need to back up on the other folders.
    • Click the Continue button appearing on the Notification Email Settings window.
    • Select Continue option to set the backup time
    • Now hit on Continue to save the apply changes.
    • After this exit through the Settings window


    Hopefully, the above information about how I set up IDP in QuickBooks becomes a helping hand for you! If still confused or need any further assistance on the same or any other component, give a call to QuickBooks Technical support phone number. A hub of experts is dedicatedly sitting there to address all your queries. If you are unable to connect through the phone due to any reason, then use a live chat option to chat with a professional. Seek excellent service through the QuickBooks experts carrying years of experience; they know how to tackle each problem from the core. You can also drop an email with your questions.