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Setup Payroll in QuickBooks 2020

    Setup Payroll on QuickBooks 2020

    QuickBooks is a worldwide accounting software that is well known for its services and tools. QuickBooks 2020 has arrived now and it came up with some new features and advanced tools. In today’s article, we will discuss How to set up payroll in QuickBooks 2020“. Let’s start our article.

    What do we Need to Setup Payroll in QuickBooks 2020

    Payroll for Desktop or online makes very easy to manage everything especially the payroll. Before starting up our setup for the payroll we need some basic things. You can easily get the information from your previous payroll provider, your records, your accountants, etc. Let’s have a look at them.

    • Company Information
    • Benefits and compensation
    • Employees
    • Direct Deposits
    • Tax Information
    • Prior Payrolls
    • Liability Information

    Before Setting Up the Payroll you Need to Activate the Payroll

    Activate the Payroll Service Purchased from a Retails Store

    The renewal will be automatically done after a year when you activate the payroll. You will be notified 30 days before the deductions of payment.

    Activate the Payroll Service

    • Select employees >>payroll>>choose install payroll
    • complete all the fields in the payroll license and product information, your QuickBooks Desktop Payroll license number is always available in the directions on the folder. They also have a payroll valid service key which is used to unlock the payroll subscription
    • select continue
    • Complete the fields in the Payroll Company Legal Information section.

    The Federal Employer ID Number (EIN) Appears on the Tax Filings

    • Check the disclaimer in the billing information section
    • select continue
    • log in to intuit account
    • select the start payroll button

    Activate the Payroll Service Purchased from a Website or Phone

    If you have purchased the QuickBooks from a website or the mobile you shouldactivate the payroll license numberto get the service key.

    How to Get Your Service Key

    After purchasing the service you will get an email with a service key. You should enter the service key to activate the QuickBooks service.

    Enter the Service Key in QuickBooks Desktop

    • Go to employees menu>>select payroll>>enter service key
    • If you have any existing subscription you will be asked to mention if you want to add this file to your payroll subscription. skip to go to service key window, or you can add the file to this existing payroll
    • select add
    • Enter the service key
    • select next
    • select finish

    Payroll Setup Wizard

    • open the QuickBooks Desktop
    • select employees tab
    • select payroll et up in the drop-down menu to open the wizard
    • Follow the payroll set up wizard

    Setup QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted

    • Open the QuickBooks Desktop
    • Select employees in the top toolbar
    • scroll and select payroll setup in the drop-down menu to open the wizard
    • follow the payroll setup wizard

    Once payroll is set, you can run the payroll and it will be easy to make sure to get paid on time. Enter your employee’s information and get everything automated.

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