How to Set Up Payroll in QuickBooks

With the enhanced tools of the QuickBooks accounting software, businesses can accomplish their accounting tasks with less effort and more efficiency. Apart from providing regular accounting functions, QuickBooks provides improved automation capabilities for payroll activities as well. No prizes for guessing whyQuickBooks is widely appreciated all around the world.

If you are a business owner, you would surely agree that the processing of payroll has become increasingly complex every year. Given the dynamic nature of payroll activities, paying the employees accurately and on time has been a challenge for employers indeed. But your life will be made easy if you have set up theQuickBooks Payroll Module on your systemHMrgQpPRCo8nyuwdRCzDFb58BqOm7Ll6bU0THazgsqsjuwCi72s03EghGGWgCt. If you are yet to do this, go through this blog. Here, we will discuss how you can set up payroll in QuickBooks- in both WindowsImage of Windows icon png and Mac systems.

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What is the Procedure to Set Up QuickBooks Desktop Payroll for Windows

Please follow the steps below to set up QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic or Enhanced-

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Go to the Employees section
  • Next, click Payroll Setup
  • The Payroll Setup Wizard will come upon your screen
  • Follow theon-screen instructions carefully
  • Once done, you are ready to use the QuickBooks payroll.

Procedure to Set Up QuickBooks Desktop Payroll for Mac

Please follow the steps below-

  • Start the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac
  • Click on theEmployees section
  • Now choose the Add Payroll option
  • Click on the Try it Now tab. It will assist you to create a new payroll account
  • if you have already made a payroll account, click the Current Customer Sign tab
  • Click on the To-Do button
  • Go to the Complete setup section
  • After the set-up gets completed, you are ready to process the payroll
  • Now, click the Run your first payroll button to start using the QuickBooks payroll

Step to Set Up QuickBooks Desktop PayrollAssisted

Here are the steps to follow-

  • Open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on the Employees menu
  • Press the Payroll Setup button from the drop-down box
  • The Payroll Setup Wizard will come up on your screen
  • Follow the instructions on your screen carefully
  • Once finished, you will be ready to use the QuickBooks Payroll

Final Words :

In the section above, we have discussed how to set up Payroll in QuickBooks.After setting up a Payroll module, you can use its automated functions to analyze the employee payroll history and work patterns. With this, you can run your business more efficiently. In addition to reducing manual work considerably, the QuickBooks payroll ensures timely payroll compliance as well. Explore the manifold advantages it provides and increase your business growth.

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ūüĒĒFrequently Asked Questions

How Can I Enter the Previous Payroll in QuickBooks?

Please follow the steps below to enter a prior payroll in QuickBooks. Make sure you have not yet created any paychecks-
Go to Payroll 
Choose Finish adding your team.
Click on the employee whose prior payroll you want to enter
Scroll down and click on Enter [current year] prior pay details

How Can I Export QuickBooks Payroll Report to Excel?

Please follow the steps below-
‚Ė™ Click¬† on the Report tab
‚Ė™ From the dropdown menu,¬† choose Excel.
‚Ė™ Go to the Create New Worksheet¬† section
‚Ė™ Now¬†click on the¬†Update Existing Worksheet section
‚Ė™ Click the Browse button to select the worksheet you want to export.
‚Ė™ Click on the Advanced tab
‚Ė™ Press the Ok button to proceed.
‚Ė™ Finally, click on the Export tab

How to Get a Callback from the QuickBooks Live Support Team?

Here is how you can reach out to the QuickBooks Live Support team-
‚Ė™ Open QuickBooks
‚Ė™ Go to Dashboard
‚Ė™ Click on the¬†Help¬†icon¬†
‚Ė™ Choose¬†Talk to a Human.
‚Ė™ Type in a brief description of your issue
‚Ė™ Press¬†Enter.
‚Ė™ Now click on the tab named I still need a human.
‚Ė™ Select¬†Contact Us¬†
‚Ė™ Click on¬†Get a callback

What are Quickbooks Payroll Reports?

To tell you simply, payroll reports are documents created with the account records of a company, that are related to payroll. These payroll reports  are created with all the details of payroll transactions with respect to a specific period (quarterly or yearly)
A basic QuickBooks payroll report contains multiple sections. For each specific pay duration, the salaries and wages due to the employees of the company are considered as the foundation.Then it calculates the net amount given to the employees, apart from the gross amount for salaries and wages

What is the Procedure to Mark a QuickBooks Payroll Report as Favorite?

Please follow the steps below- 
‚Ė™ Go to¬†Reports¬†
‚Ė™ Click on Standard.
‚Ė™ Now scroll down to the section named¬†Payroll.
‚Ė™ Go¬†to the report name
‚Ė™ Choose¬†Favorites

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