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How to Setup Company Preferences in QuickBooks Desktop

    Setup QuickBooks Preferences in QuickBooks Desktop

    Customizing the company reports with QuickBooks, so that they can get adjusted with your business needs and style, then QuickBooks preferences is the option to go with. With Preferences, you can choose how the QuickBooks would manage the things or you can set your own preferences. To find Preferences, go to the QuickBooks, and at the top of Main Page and select Edit and then Preferences.

    Setting your Company Preferences in QuickBooks

    • Go to QuickBooks then to Edit menu and click on Preferences
    • Then click on Preferences window, and choose Reports and Graphs from the left side and after that click on the option of Company Preferences or My Preferences

    Settings option can only be used on the user account, but with this tab, you can set the work of QuickBooks for you.

    • Ensure to check mark the option of, prompt me to modify report, before the report is opened
    • You will see that whenever the report is created, modify report window will get automatically open
    • As soon as the refreshing occurs, set the graph preferences and report to determine
    • Whenever the reports gets refresh, you will see a prompt message popping up every time on screen. This message appears to notify you that graph or report has to be refreshed
    • Reports get refreshed automatically by QuickBooks Desktop, whenever some changes are made in them. In order to know the latest changes done in report, choose this option
    • QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t interrupt your work, by sending any messages or prompt you for anything, but if you want to see the updated data, then just press the refresh button
    • With graph only preference, display of graphical reports through QuickBooks is represented. Reports by default are shown in 3D Color. If you want 2D graph could also be used to create the Poe segments, legend and graph bars

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    Steps to Setup QuickBooks Company Preferences

    Default report preferences is set by this tab. Keep in mind that, if you are QuickBooks Administrator then only you have rights to change the company.

    • Summary reports basis exhibits that whether the reports in QuickBooks will be displayed in Cash or How To Update Company rural basis.
    • Aging Reports track the delay in company reports because of unpaid bills or invoices. All type of aging reports are affected with this preference be it an account payable graph or account receivables.
    • Age from the due date: Overdue days will be reflected in bill or statement, invoice, starting from due date
    • Age from the transaction date: Overdue days are started on or from the date of creation of statement, invoice or the date of receiving the bill
    • Format: By clicking on Format button you will get the Report Format Preferences window. With this, you can customize the numbers and fonts, header and footer on QuickBooks reports. Appearance of the report could also be modified through this.
    • Reports: It shows the items and define how the name of the items will be displayed in reports
    • Classify button: Accounts for Statement of Cash Flows report is classified by this button

    Resolve Issues with QuickBooks Set Report Preferences

    If the QuickBooks preferences are not working, your report templates are damaged. You can follow these steps:

    • Backup the QuickBooks company file.
    • Next Go the Edit menu and then click Preferences.
    • Next Go to the left pane, select Reports & Graphs.
    • Click on the Company Preferences tab and then click the Format button.
    • In the Report Format Preferences window: click on the Header or Footer tab and then click Revert.
    • Click on the Fonts & Numbers tab and then click Revert.
    • Click OK.

    Conclusion :

    All the details provided by us will help you to set QuickBooks Preferences. If in case you are unable to do so then Accounting Problem QuickBooks Technical Support team is there to support you anytime. Our QuickBooks customer support team will listen to your issues carefully and ensure that they counsel you till the time you are not completely satisfied with the solutions provided by them. Contacting QuickBooks technical support is very easy.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. What are Company Preferences in QuickBooks?

    Company preferences allow you to turn on features you would like to use and deactivate features you don’t plan to use.

    Q 2. Where can I Find my Company Preferences in QuickBooks?

    Ans : First, select the gear icon from the top right corner of the display. Then choose the Account and Settings option. Next, select the Advanced tab on the left side of your display. Finally, scroll to the bottom until you find the “Other preferences” row.

    Q 3. Can I Change my Company Information on the QuickBooks Desktop?

    Ans : Yes, you can change your company information in QB Desktop. For that, go to the Company menu at the top of the screen. Then select My Company. Now, under My Company, click on the Pencil icon. In the Company Information window, make any required changes. And click OK.

    Q 4. Can I Change my Legal Name in the QuickBooks Desktop?

    Ans : Yes, you can change your legal name in QB Desktop. For that, go to Settings and click on Account and settings. Then select the Sales menu on the left, then choose the Messages section. Now, update your company name wherever it appears there.

    Q 5. How to Change Company Preferences in QuickBooks?

    Ans : First of all, from the menu, select Edit, then Preferences. Once the Preferences window opens. Check the left pane, and click the category for the settings you want to change. Make changes to preferences as required. Once it is done, click on OK.