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QuickBooks Online Multiple Users Setup

    QuickBooks Online application enables the subscribed users to give permission to other users, be it your certified public accountant, auditor, or tax expert, to access your company data. This allocation of access right empowers them to look through your business and monetary information and maintain your accounts from their respective offices without even disturbing you.

    This article attempts to explicate in detail about QuickBooks online multiple user attribute and how you can setup the same.

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    Some of the Prime Benefits of QuickBooks Online Multiple Users:

    • Set roles and user authorizations- This feature of the QuickBooks software accounting enables you to generate tailored access to QB for sales representatives, office administrators, and other kinds of personnel and associates. Besides, you can manage your business information by assigning user by user access.
    • Time tracing-only access- With this, you can enable the workforces time to trace access to check in and out and calculate the billable hours.
    • Restricted report access- With restricted report access, you can limit the sharing of business insights just with your associates and stakeholders.

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    How can you Grant Access to your Accountant to your QuickBooks Online Company Account

    QuickBooks software enables you to permit maximum 2 Accountants to access your company data. Here are the steps you have to perform to grant access to your Accountant:

    1. Open your QuickBooks company account, look for the ‘Manage Users’ option just below your company account icon and select the same.
    2. Now, you can send an invitation to a maximum 2 accountants. Enter the email address of the Accountants you wish to grant access
    3. Setup is now finished.
    4. Once you have sent the invitation to your accountants, the following will happen:
      1. Your accountant will get an email that will have a link requesting them to generate a user ID before logging in for the very first time.
      2. Till your accountant logs in, their status on the Manage Users tab will remain “Invited.” Once they accept the invite, the status will change to “Active.”

    Why is it Considered Significant to Give Access to other Users (apart from your Accountant) to QuickBooks Info?

    This is a very good question from a business perspective. Well, you must be thinking won’t it be risky to give access to other users apart from your Accountant. You will definitely be reaping the benefit of granting access to other uses like your business associates and tax experts to your QuickBooks information.

    This will be saving your valuable time and money. How? You don’t need to rush to their offices every now and then to share information and obtain the fiscal report. Rather, you can invest your time on deciding how you can make your business performance much better.

    How can you Grant other Users Access your QuickBooks Online Company Account?

    1. Open your QuickBooks company account, look for the ‘Manage Users’ option just below your company account icon and select the same.
    2. When the ‘Manager Users’ window will open, you will see the ‘New’ tab on the right corner of the screen. Click on the same to create a new user
    3. In the next window, you have to choose once user type among the 4 different option which are:
      1. Regular or tailored user– if you will choose this option, then you can select the specific areas of your company account wherein these people can have access.
      2. Company administrator– You can give this access to business entrepreneurs, associates, and officers.
      3. Reports only-This type of access you can give to tax experts who are required to view the reports to calculate the financial taxes.
      4. Time tracking only– It is perfect for the freelancers and contractors who have to record the in and out time in the QuickBooks for payroll calculation.
    4. Set the user’s access rights, be it All access right, No access right or limited access right depending on your requirement.
    5. Setup the user’s administrative rights which mean whether you want them to make any sort of changes in your company data. Depending on the user access you can choose the same.
    6. Click on the Send button to send the invites to users
    7. Setup of other user access is finished.

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    👉 Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How does QuickBooks Multi user mode work?

    A. This QuickBooks software financial tool allows you to create customized access to QB for sales reps, office managers, and other types of workers and partners. Furthermore, you may control your business data and provide access to users one by one. 

    You may use this to allow the workforce’s time-tracking permission to sign in and out and compute billable hours. You may confine the sharing of financial data to your partners and stakeholders by restricting report access.

    Q. How should I decide to whom I should provide Access to the Data?

    A. From a business standpoint, this is an excellent question. You’re probably wondering if it’s a good idea to grant access to anyone other than your Accountant. You will undoubtedly realise the benefits of providing other users, such as business colleagues and tax professionals, entry to your QuickBooks data.

    You will save both time and money as a result of this. How? You do not need to visit their offices on a regular basis in order to exchange information and acquire the fiscal report. Rather, you may devote your time to determining how to improve your company’s success.

    Q. Would I require QuickBooks Database Manager to enable Multi-user mode in Quickbooks Desktop?

    A. Yes, you would. The QuickBooks Database Server Manager syncs to remote company files and syncs all the changes made when the multi-user mode is activated. The server manager comes with the QuickBooks desktop installer. You can select network install to install QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your system. 

    Once the program is installed properly, you can use it to scan all the company files saved on a remote database or server. Once the files are scanned and included in the database, you can easily work in multi-user mode with QuickBooks desktop.

    Q. How do I keep my QuickBooks Data safe when working in Multi-user mode?

    A. Quickbooks has many inbuilt features to help you secure your data. Firstly, you need to set user restrictions for each new user that you create. These restrictions prohibit a user from performing certain actions unless he or she has authentication details for the admin account.

    Further, you should change your password after every 90 days because people who knew the authentication details may not be working for you after a while. If they still have access to the authentication details, then your data may be at risk of theft.