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How to Setup Sage Accounting Connection in Sage 50 Canada

    Step to setup Sage Accounting connection in Sage 50 Canada

    If you are looking to use accounting software to manage your accounting and bookkeeping functions, you should look no further than Sage 50. Because of its unmatched spectrum of useful tools and functions, it has been widely popular these days, both among the business owners and accounting professionals. It has also provided smooth and easy integration with third-party add-ons with the help of which, you can enhance your productivity and performance. In this blog, we will tell you how to set up a Sage Accounting connection in Sage 50 Canada. Please go through the blog till the end and implement the steps sequentially.

    Oh wait..let’s first get to know about the System Requirements..

    System Requirements to Setup Sage 50 Canada Edition

    As it happens with any other software, you need to meet the minimum system requirements to set up and run Sage 50 Canada as well. This is extremely important, if you want to avoid future issues, while working with the software. Here are the minimum requirements i need to fulfill-

    • Windows 8.1 or above
    • RAM – 4 GB or above
    • Processor speed of 2.0 Ghz or above
    • Microsoft.NET framework V 4.7.2 .
    • Internet Explorer 11.0
    • Over 1 GB storage for the Sage software andcompany files

    In addition, if you are planning to integrate Sage 50 Canada with other third-party utilities, you must meet the requirements mentioned below-

    • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    • A subscription for MS 365 for cloud integration
    • MS version 2007 or above

    Once you have fulfilled the minimum system requirements, you are ready to set up and install the software.

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    Steps to Setup and Install Sage 50 Canada Edition

    Please follow the steps mentioned below-

    • Start Sage 50 Accounting
    • Navigate to the Help section
    • Click on Check If A New Version Is Available
    • Go to Help section again and click on Check For Product Updates
    • Close the Sage 50 application
    • Click on the Install Now tab
    • A prompt will appear on your screen, asking your permission to enable the Sage 50 installer to affect required changes to your system. Click Yes
    • Select your preferred location to install the software
    • Click Next to proceed
    • Click on the tab named Install Sage 50
    • Click on your preferred language
    • Sage 50 will ask for your permission to configure firewall automatically click Yes
    • Click on typical
    • Click Next to proceed
    • If the installer has not retrieved your serial number , you will need to enter the same manually.
    • Click on the option to agree to the terms and conditions
    • Once the installation gets completed, click on the tab to start Sage 50

    If the activation is successful, the software will launch automatically. After this, you can either create a new company file or import a company file from your preferred source. Alternatively, if you have a backup of your earlier company file, you can always import the same into Sage 50.

    Final Words :

    We hope the sequential steps mentioned above would help you setting up the accounting connection in Sage 50 Canada. If you are still facing any difficulties in carrying out the above-mentioned steps, you may speak to the authorized Sage experts, anytime you want.

    👉 Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I upgrade my company file, after setting up the Sage 50 Canada edition?

    Please follow the steps mentioned below-
    ▪ Start Sage 50 Canada application
    ▪ Click on the last company file you used
    ▪ Click OK to proceed 
    ▪ Click on the tab named select an existing company
    ▪ Click OK to proceed 
    ▪ Go to the look in section
    ▪ Select your preferred location to store the company file
    ▪ Click on the particular company file you want to upgrade
    ▪ Click Next after you get the confirmatory message
    ▪ Follow the instructions on your screen
    ▪ Click on Finish

    How can I restore data  from an earlier Sage 50 back up, after setting up the Sage 50 Canada edition?

    Please follow the steps mentioned below-
    ▪ Start Sage 50 Canada application
    ▪ Go to File
    ▪ Click on Restore
    ▪ Click Next to proceed
    ▪ Now choose the particular backup file you want to restore
    ▪ Click Next
    ▪ Wait till the data gets imported into the accounting software
    ▪ Provide the required information such as user name and password 
    ▪ Click OK

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