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How to Setup Tags and Groups in QuickBooks


    Tags are the advanced feature in QuickBooks acts as the customizable labels for tracking the preferred transaction at any time. You can utilize these tags and groups’ tags while executing reports to view your business’s specific components. You can easily tag sales, invoices, bills, expenses, and more. It does not have any effect on books; they are recognized as efficient methods to track the required information. This article is filled with in-depth insights into how to set up tags and groups in QuickBooks to save time and effort.

    When to Use this Tags Feature in QuickBooks?

    Use this option when you need to monitor the performance of any department or your business individually. For instance, you have an event management organization and may want to verify what is your earning and how much you spent on any individual event in the current year. You can use this tagging feature firstly to create a group named events and then make tags for particular events and integrate them into the formed group. It permits you to know about how your business is going in a distinct part.

    Where to Find Tags Option in QuickBooks to Create Tags and Groups?

    Total Time: 30 minutes

    Setup Tags Groups in QuickBooks

    Initially, you need to create groups so that you can put tags into it. Here is the list of instructions to create a group:

    πŸ’  Open QuickBooks
    πŸ’  Locate the Transaction menu
    πŸ’  Click on the Tags option.
    πŸ’  Choose the dropdown box named New and then hit on the Tag group.
    πŸ’  Give a name to the group
    πŸ’  Choose a color listed in the dropdown
    πŸ’  Once done don’t forget to save the changes by clicking on Save option.

    Make new Tags along with Tag Transactions

    Tags are usually made while operating forms such as an invoice, bill or expense.
    Here are the steps:

    πŸ’  Locate the tags field
    πŸ’  Write a recognizable name to the Tag you need to create
    πŸ’  Now select and then click Add.
    πŸ’  Choose one of the suitable groups to integrate the Tag to it.
    πŸ’  This process will make the Tag and also tags the form.
    πŸ’  If you wish to add any existing tags to forms, write the name of those Tags in the field, which says Tag, and then choose it.
    πŸ’  Add several tags according to your requirement; however, you are allowed to select one Tag per group.

    Use these Tags to Fetch Information

    Following are the steps in case you need any modification in the tags or group:

    πŸ’  Discover Settings and then choose Tags
    πŸ’  Search the preferred tag group or Tag you need to edit
    πŸ’  Choose the dropdown, which says Action, and then click the Edit button.


    Expectantly, the above article deliberated about how to set up tags and groups in QuickBooks. The information is in simple language, but if you still face any complications while enforcing any of the steps mentioned in the topic or need further assistance, then reach the advisors. Simply ring at toll-free QuickBooks Technical Support number to seek help from professionals. The team members are experienced and friendly, calmly hear all your issues and accordingly address them to give you better resolution. You can do a QuickBooks live chat support for an immediate reply or send an email with your doubts.