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How to Sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant

    If you’ve ever used QuickBooks, you’ll be aware of how much the accounting software has evolved over time. To make it faster, more accurate, and user-friendly, new features and tools have been added. QuickBooks Online Accountant is a function that allows you to manage and handle QBO clients, as well as collaborate with other company members. To learn how to sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant, read this article. In this article, we will discuss the complete sign up process including other relevant information for the same.

    Sign up Via Client’s Email Invitation

    • If a client invites you to join their QuickBooks Online Company as an accountant, you’ll receive an invitation link that you may use to sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant and troubleshoot issues. If you accept the invitation, you can sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant.
    • If you receive an error while accepting the invitation, you can do the following steps.
      • In the “Private mode,” open the invitation.
      • “Clear the cache” and “Recreate the invitation” are the two options.

    Procedure to Open a Private Browsing Window

    To avoid broken cookies, temp files, browser Add-ons, and other issues that may prevent you from signing up for QuickBooks Online, use private browsing windows, often known as incognito mode.

    Google Chrome

    Here’s how to use Google Chrome to open a private browsing window (incognito window):

    • To open the Incognito Window, hold down the “Ctrl + Shift + N” keys
    • Open the email invitation to become a QuickBooks Online accountant
    • Right-click on the “Accept Invitation” link in the “Invitation email”
    • Choose “Copy Link Address” from the drop-down menu
    • Copy the shortcut and paste it into the address bar (right-click or ctrl + v keys)
    • After pressing “Enter,” you’ll be sent to the QuickBooks Online Accountant login page
    • Finally, go to the “QuickBooks Online Accountant” and log in.


    • To access a webpage, click the “Firefox” icon on the desktop
    • To access “Private Browsing”, use the Ctrl + Shift + P keys on your keyboard
    • Open the “Email invitation” tab for the QuickBooks Online accountant user
    • Right-click on the “Accept Invitation link” in the “Invitation email”
    • Choose the “Copy Link Address” from the drop-down menu
    • Copy the shortcut and paste it into the address bar of a new or existing private browsing window
    • After pressing the Enter key, you’ll be sent to the QuickBooks Online Accountant login page
    • Go to the QuickBooks Online Accountant and log in.

    How to Sign up in Case you Have an Intuit Login or you are a ProAdvisor?

    You can start a QuickBooks Online Accountant firm using the same login you already have:

    • The very first, select “Sign In” from the “Signup page”
    • You’ll be taken to a login screen where you’ll need to enter your “Username and Password”
    • You can use your existing ProAdvisor login credentials if you are a ProAdvisor
    • At last, select “Continue” from the drop-down menu.

    How to Sign up in Case you don’t Have an Intuit Login?

    While signing up for QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can create a QuickBooks Online login. Here’s how:

    • Fill in the fields on the sign-up form with your account’s “Email address, first name, last name, phone number, and password”
    • Your email address will be your new “User ID”, and you’ll be able to sign in to your new QuickBooks Online Accountant account with it
    • Make your QuickBooks Online Accountant firm by clicking on the “Continue” button.

    How to Login into QuickBooks Online Accountant Account?

    If you are already a QuickBooks user and have a QuickBooks Online Accountant Login user Id and password, then follow these simple steps:

    • Select the “Sign In” option from the Homepage
    • A Login Page will appear on the screen
    • For your QuickBooks Online Accountant account, enter your username and password
    • Then select “Continue”.

    Benefits of QuickBooks Online for Accountant

    • You can utilize QuickBooks Online Accountant to get your ProAdvisor benefits. You can use this to manage your QuickBooks online clients and collaborate with other members of your firm. It is the only best option available.
    • If you intend to work with clients in the cloud or simply want to take advantage of the certification courses and the Find-A-ProAdvisor directory. QuickBooks Online Accountant provides everything you need to run and grow your business. It’s also completely free.
    • If you have a premium Desktop ProAdvisor membership, you can use QuickBooks Online Accountant to access those features, including downloading software and accessing Desktop certification courses that aren’t available to free ProAdvisors. You now understand how to sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant. Also, learn how to log into Intuit ViewMyPaycheck.
    • Users of QuickBooks Online Accountant can take advantage of a variety of features. Its key features include project creation and tracking, enhanced client management, data security, free QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program participation, and connecting with new clients.

    Summing Up!

    We hope this information helps you to understand how to sign up for QuickBooks online accountant, but sometimes you can face several issues while using or performing the steps. If you are not able to understand any point in this article or you are having some issues while performing the process then you can reach out to the QuickBooks Helpdesk team to get better assistance with less delay.

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