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How to Terminated Employee Active Again in QuickBooks?

    Terminated" Employee "Active" Again in QuickBooks

    It can be challenging to terminate an employee but it’s important to take appropriate steps to keep the records accurate or up-to-date. Change an employee’s employment status in the payroll system after you’ve given them their final paycheck. Well, this way you keep your record up-to-date after terminating an employee. But the concern is can you make a Terminated Employee Active Again in QuickBooks or in Intuit Payroll. Because if the employee profile is in terminated status then QB won’t let you add a new employee or update his/her hire date to reinstate him/her. To make it active again, you have to change the status of a terminated employee to active and this guide will help you how easily you can do the same.

    Steps to Terminated Employee Active Again in QuickBooks

    • First, sign in to your QuickBooks account
    • From the left menu, click Payroll and then select “Employees”
    • Next, choose the “Inactive Employees” in the “All Employees” drop-down
    • From the list, you have to select the terminated employee
    • Click the pencil icon to edit from the “Employment” section
    • In the “Status” drop-down, you have to select and click “Active” in order to activate the employee
    • Click “Done” to confirm the changes that are made
    • Once done with that then enter the correct Hire date of the employee within the “Employment” section.

    This is how you can get your employee active and back on payroll. Because you mentioned that you see the “Status” option, that’s where you should alter the employee’s status to active. Just click on that Status dropdown and you’ll see the “Active” setting.

    It’s possible that you’re not logged in as an admin if you don’t see that Status option (or any edit option). If you have a few moments, you can capture some screenshots which may be helpful in future to figure out what you’re seeing.

    Final Words

    Hopefully the given article is useful and you can easily Make a “Terminated” Employee “Active” Again in QuickBooks, but still you have any queries ,then you can connect with a well-known support agency The in-house team is competent and knowledgeable in handling all the issues. you can get in touch with our support team via email at [email protected] or Live chat right away.

    👉Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. How To Change The Status If I lay Off Or Furlough An Employee In QuickBooks Online Payroll?

    Ans : If I lay off or furlough an employee in QuickBooks Online Payroll :

    ▪ Go to the Payroll or Workers menu and then select the tab “Employees
    ▪ Select an employee’s name (If the employee isn’t on the list, select All employees from the Active Employees dropdown menu)
    ▪ Select the “Edit” which is next to the “Employment”
    ▪ If you don’t see the Employment tab, check if you have paychecks created in your payroll account
    ▪ Make sure you must have at least 1 paycheck created for you to change the employment info
    ▪ Select the “Terminated” or another appropriate status: Unpaid Leave of Absence, Paid Leave of Absence, and Deceased
    ▪ If you layoff or furlough an employee then select “Not on Payroll”
    ▪ At last, select the “Done” tab.

    Q 2. How Do I Remove The Employee From My Active Employee List In QuickBooks Desktop Payroll After Terminating The Employee?

    Ans : Remove the employee from my Active employee list in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll after terminating the employee :

    ▪ Go to the Employees section and then select “Employee Center”
    ▪ Search and find the employee’s profile
    ▪ Next, select the “Employment Information” and choose the “Terminated” tab
    Note: If you layoff or furlough an employee, select the Leave of Absence tab instead and complete the necessary fields, such as Start Date and Type.
    ▪ Enter the correct or current status with the “Termination Type” field
    ▪ Fill out the required information such as Release Date
    ▪ Select the checkbox “Employee is inactive”, if you also want to remove the employee from the Active employee list.
    ▪ Once you’re done then hit the “Ok” tab.

    Q 3. How Do We Reactivate An Employee That Was Accidentally Terminated In QuickBooks?

    Ans : Reactivating an employee is a pretty painless process if it got deleted accidentally or mistakenly. The below steps help you to reactivate the same:

    ▪ First, login to your QuickBooks as an admin-level
    ▪ Next, hover over the “Workers” which is on the left side and then hit Employees”
    ▪ Select the “Gear” icon which is located below the button “Add an Employee”
    ▪ After that, hit the “Include Inactive” option
    ▪ In the end, the inactive employee should appear on your next screen and to your far right-side, select the “Make Active”.

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