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Terms & Conditions

These “Terms and Conditions” become productive upon the of applicable Service Fees by for Customer Support Services related to valid software licenses purchased by customer. These below listed Terms and Conditions will govern the rights and obligations of and the customer in relation to the technical support services. As per the contract the customer acknowledges to defend, hold and indemnify along with its subsidiaries, employees, directors, agents, consultants, suppliers, and any other third-party website providers. It has sole right, on its own expense, to consider the exclusive control and defense any other matter otherwise subject to compensation by you and will not favor you for any other settlement on any matter without the written consent of

  1. Tasks Undertaken: We may carry out subsequent tasks or incidental along with the specific task mentioned. The additional tasks are imperative to accomplish the work.
  2. Transactions Involved Under Terms & Conditions: On accepting the terms and conditions, you will be entitled to undertake all the tasks as specified in it. Further you are authorized to pay for it as detailed and mentioned in the estimate, if not provided in the written format. In case you do not sign this document but present other written or electronically authorized document to go ahead with the process. Such documents are also considered and accepted.
  3. Authorized Persons to Undertake the Task: The authorized person or the supervisor shall be accountable for your tasks, to get the task done in an effective way. There will be other staff – qualified and experienced who will undertake specific tasks under supervision. Admin related tasks will be carried out by the customer technical support team.
  4. Responsibilities of the Team: We will take care of all the related work with professional competencies and will attempt to keep you updated about the regular progress. We will also advice considering the qualifications or assumptions of our team. For any subsequent incorrect information we are responsible for any part or all of our earlier advice that conditional on those acceptance.
  5. Customer Responsibilities: The main responsibility will be that you should always provide information to us whenever approached to you. You are supposed to maintain contact with us in case you are anticipated being away from your home or business while the work is in process to advise us whenever needed. You will abide by the obligations mentioned in this Agreement, which includes placing money payment of our accounts. There may be various reason where your details might change. So it is recommended to advise us within the 14 days of the date of change.
  6. GST: The GST followed by the government of the United States is applicable to the supply of all the accounting services provided by us and it generally includes disbursements and outlays. 10% is current GST rate. The rates and estimate quotes in this agreement are all non-inclusive of the Goods and Services tax.
  7. Costs Estimated and Fees: All the attempts and efforts made to accord authentic estimate but it should be regarded to be a cap or a fixed quote. It may vary – high or low – depending upon intricacy and the time involved for completion of the task and estimate does not consist of additional costs or disbursements. You will be advised when any of the particular revisions to the assessment is made further.
  8. Additional Fees: In addition to the GST and professional fees you acknowledge to pay the whole cost that is acquired by us along with the administrative uplift cost or charge as reflected in the cost of catering these services if required by you.
  9. Interim fees and Accounts: account payment terms and Fees terms are period of 14 days and it will be followed by an itemized account that will be forwarded to you either at regular intervals or at completion of the work as the work is being undertaken. If there is any unavailability of data or information of work status or complexities of the work or the time frame needed to complete the work is determined by If you are issued an interim account, you are agree to pay the amount by the due date. Extending the credit is not in our policy and in case accounts are pending, we may suspend tasks from your job or stop performing on the user’s behalf. There may be payment plan(s) offered by us that will constitute a direct debit payment authority.
  10. Procedure of Payment: You must be acknowledged to pay all the dues to clean away funds within the stipulated (agreed) time period. After 30 days of the date of invoice or unless agreed in writing by the representative of the
  11. Breach or Default: You will be considered to be in default or breach of these Terms and Conditions and we will be entitled to sue the monetary amounts owing if you: Unable to pay for any specific product or service on the due date; breached these above mentioned conditions and fail to correct the breach within seven days notice; Attempt of bankruptcy act or allowing a trustee in bankruptcy.
  12. Conflicts & Disputes: In case there is some problem in the services that we have provided then you are free to convey us about the inaccurate and and incorrect information. We assure to provide you the correct and accurate work within 14 days of the date of notification without charging any extra cost to you. For the disputes related to any work supplied or invoice issued for any other reason, you are supposed to provide written notification of reasons to us within 14 days of the supply of the work or the invoice date whichever is earlier. If you fail to do so you lose any right to dispute the quality or accuracy of the work or invoice.
  13. Charge: You are supposed to charge in favor of the For any land security or other monetary assets owed to us and hereby authorize and consents to us registering a admonition over the land if you fail in making payment of any amounts owing to us.
  14. File Destruction: We have the right to destroy your files seven years once the job has been completed successfully.
  15. Termination of this agreement: The agreement can be terminated and actions can be seized for you only for lawful cause, for any conflict of interest arises or if you: Breach the Agreement, Require us to act unlawfully or unethically, Do not give us adequate instructions, Do not pay any accounts when due or provide money to be paid into our Trust Account, Are no longer able to be a party to a legal agreement.
  16. Independent advice: You are free to garner independent advice relating to this agreement before you sign it to ensure you fully understand its terms and conditions.
  17. Amendment Rights: We reserve all the authority to amend the Terms and Conditions by giving prior written notice to amend your terms and conditions to your address as specified on this agreement, by your last known postal address or last known email address. You are deemed to accept any amended Terms and Conditions unless you send written notification within seven days of your objection to the proposed amendment to the Terms and Conditions.
  18. Set-off : You acknowledge that may set-off any credit amount that is owned to you or your business enterprises against any debt due by you to us at our sole discretion and you are not authorized to withhold payment of any money in respect of any alleged set-off or claim you might have against us.
  19. Waiver and Severance: In case some definite part of the compliance is found to be unlawful, void or unenforceable by law. In such scenario the specific part will be deemed to be severed from the agreement. Also the severed portion not effect to the enforceability and validity of any outstanding provisions. Such waiver rights should be mentioned in the agreement in written and to be signed by authorized representative of the
  20. Jurisdiction: Your acknowledgement to the Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to have been made in United States and shall be interpreted in accordance with the Laws of the States, and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of United States.
  21. Cloud Security & Internet: You acknowledge that you are responsible for the security of your PC, internet and cloud systems along with all the crucial information saved in your system or any third party owned computers that can be used via internet or cloud. You also agree to be responsible for taking proper measures to assure that all entire data is secured and can be used only by the authorized users. and its affiliates disclaim all alleged claim or liability that crops up from any interrupted access to their systems or third party systems caused by any foreign interventions or natural disaster.