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How to Make QuickBooks Online (QBO) Run Faster

    Run your QuickBooks Online Faster

    All those who work on QuickBooks must have faced this problem at some point of time, that QuickBooks runs slowly in browser. In this article, let’s discuss few solutions of this problem.

    QuickBooks application for PC and Mac ensures that you are able to run QuickBooks Online faster while you visited clients’ page. QuickBooks can always be run with the browser. But, QuickBooks app has some unique features that will save your time and is just a click away.

    • Sign in: After logging in with QuickBooks app, you don’t have to sign in again and again after being inactive for a while. QuickBooks app remains signed in for long and unspecified time. So, no need to spend time in signing in.
    • Easily used in multiple windows: Don’t worry about anything while using QuickBooks as you can easily drag and drop the multiple windows, without being afraid of closing an important tab by mistake. Tab restore or multi-window option will allow you to restore the entire session and you will be able to get started from where you left.
    • Back buttons or forward buttons: back and forward buttons will allow you to move from one page to another easily without creating any confusion. You can also tag or mark the important pages, so that you can access them easily, going forward.

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    Shortcut Keywords for QuickBooks App

    • To open new invoice the shortcut keyword is Ctrl + I
    • Keyword for opening a new Estimate is Ctrl + T

    Few Steps for Make QuickBooks Online Faster

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Close the open tabs of other Browser

    If your QuickBooks is not working properly and you are worried about its performance, then ensure that all the other tasks going on in the browser are closed, as this affect the working of QuickBooks and make it run slowly.

    Updating the Browser

    Updates for browsers are released timely and they ensure that you are updating your browser time to time. This will automatically enhance and improve the browser speed.

    Disabling browser’s Plugins

    All the open and unusable tabs and programs slow down the QuickBooks Online as well as your machine. Sometime Online may completely stop working due to this. So, disable the plug-ins if you are not using the programs, it will improve the speed of QuickBooks

    Java or Flash Update of the Browser

    QuickBooks depends a lot on the Java or Flash update of your browser; if they are not updated then update them, because it makes the working of QuickBooks Online very slow

    Use Different Browser

    It happens that some of the browsers does not support all the websites, so try different browsers to run QuickBooks Online faster. In some cases browsers doesn’t support or handle Google Chrome like websites, but they can work perfectly with the QuickBooks.

    Check Internet Speed

    Internet speed is the vital part of all types of online working. Though for QuickBooks you don’t need fastest speed, but ensure that the speed of internet is good enough to make QuickBooks work smoothly. Cache is stored by web browser, so that you can access the previously visited pages easily, but if it’s full then surely have an impact on the performance.

    Delete Cookies

    Cookie is a message that is given by a web server to web browser, which is sent back again to web server, when the page is requested by the browser. It helps in identifying the store shopping cart information of the user, crates the customized web pages, which utilizes the information of the user.

    Final Words :

    Information provided above will surely help you out in solving your business problems. But if in case, you are unable to do so then contact our QuickBooks Technical Support team. QuickBooks customer support team will provide you the right solution in minimum time. You can call our QuickBooks Online tech support team.

    👉 Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. Can I work on Multiple Windows in QuickBooks Online, or is the option only available for QuickBooks Desktop?

    Ans : You won’t have to worry about anything when using QuickBooks since you can quickly drag and drop several windows without fear of accidentally shutting a vital tab. You may restore the entire session by using the tab restoration or multi-window option, and you’ll be able to pick up where you left off.

    The back and advance buttons will allow you to go from one page to the next without getting lost. You may also flag or mark key pages so that you can quickly access them in the future.

    Q 2. What should I do if QuickBooks Online Runs too Slow?

    Ans : First, you should check the specifications of your system. Even though the program runs on your browser and data is processed on Intuit servers, your system must have decent specifications to run a browser fast. If the specifications are there, then you can look into the options provided below.

    Browser updates are published on a regular basis, ensuring that you keep your browser up to date. This will boost and improve the browser’s performance automatically.

    All of the open and unused tabs and apps cause QuickBooks Online and your system to slow down. Because of this, Online may occasionally cease operating altogether. So, if you’re not utilizing the applications, turn off the plug-ins to make QuickBooks run faster.

    QuickBooks relies heavily on your browser’s Java or Flash updates; if they aren’t up to date, they should be, because QuickBooks Online will run slowly if they aren’t.

    Q 3. What to do if QuickBooks Online doesn’t Respond?

    Ans : This usually happens when the cookies have wrong info. A cookie is a message provided by a web server to a web browser, which is then transmitted back to the web server when the browser requests a page. It assists in recognizing the user’s store shopping cart information and creates personalized web pages that employ the user’s information.

    Q 4. My QuickBooks Online is Working and Loading too slow. What should I do?

    Ans : The speed of the internet is critical for all forms of online work. Though you don’t need the quickest speed for QuickBooks, make sure your internet connection is fast enough for QuickBooks to run efficiently. The cache is saved by the web browser so that you can quickly retrieve previously viewed pages, but it has an influence on speed if it is full.