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Unable to Log into Sage Drive

    Unable to Log into Sage Drive

    Are you trying to access your Sage 50 Drive but receiving a notification warning that you access has been invalidated? You don’t need to feel stressed as you are unable to log into your Sage drive as we are here to make things easier for you.

    In this article, we intend to help you understand how you can fix the issue of unable to log into Sage Drive. However, if you feel less self-assured about performing the steps that we will be discussing then feel free to speak to our Accounting Problem Sage 50 Accounting support team at our product help.

    If you have permission to access to more than one Sage ID, confirm if the similar problem is triggering with an alternate ID or not. If the issue is related to one ID, then you need reset your password. If this doesn’t fix the problem, perform the following steps:

    Install the Newest Data Service

    1. Confirm that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 set up on your server. For this, you need to perform these steps:
      1. For Windows 7 or Vista –Go to Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and features >verify if Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 comes up.
      2. For Windows 8 – Hold windows key + R together> type control > OK > Turn windows attributes on or off >confirm if Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is supported.
    2. In case, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 isn’t set up in your system, download and install the same
    3. All users should be logged out of Sage Accounts.
    4. Exit from Sage Accounts and download:
      1. v24 – Sage 50Accounts_V24_DataService.exe
      2. v23 – Sage 50 Accounts Service v23.msi
      3. v22 – Sage Accounts v21 – Data Service, Service Pack 8.
      4. v21 – Sage 50 Accounts v22 – May 2016 Enhancements upgrade
    5. Find and click twice on the file option>perform the on-screen guidelines.

    Confirm whether the data is in the Sage Drive Management Center or Not

    Delete and again Add the User to the Sage Drive Management Centre

    • Sign in with your details to Sage Drive.
    • Choose the user who is not allowed to access > select >unmark the User checkbox for the requisite company >Save.
    • Choose the user who is not allowed to access > select >mark the User checkbox for the requisite company >Save.

    Crosscheck the Date and Time on your PC

    • If not, then make the desired changes.

    Deactivate your Firewall Software

    Provisionally deactivate the anti-virus & firewall software.

    To retune your Internet Explorer settings:

    • Go to Control Panel > Internet options > Advanced tab >Retune>Retune>Exit> OK.

    Remove Contents of Collaborate Folder

    • On system where your data is stored, sojourn the following services:
    • Remove the contents of the following folder:
    • Reopen the following services:

    Retune the Sage ID Password

    Remove the Sage Drive Files and Folders and try Reconnecting to Sage Drive

    1. Remove the Sage Drive folders
    2. Reconnecting to Sage Drive
      1. Go to Sage Accounts > select affected company from the list >Delete company (note data directory before deletion).
      2. Find the location of noted data directory in step a and retitle ACCDATA to ACCDATA.old, generate a new empty ACCDATA folder and close.
      3. Go to Sage Accounts >choose the company NO DATA FOUND.
      4. Link to data from Sage Drive >provide Sage ID >Login>Proceed.
      5. Choose company > Next.
      6. Provide encrypted password for the joint data >Link.

    Sage Drive Setup – Are you still unable to log into Sage Drive despite following the suggested methods? Consult Accounting Problem Sage 50 technical support team by dialing our Sage helpline.