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How to Unlink or Link Merchant Account with QuickBooks

    In this article we discuss about the how to Unlink or Link Merchant Account with QuickBooks, QuickBooks accounting program allows seamless integration with the add-on programs such as payroll software, point of sale software, payment processing etc. Currently, QuickBooks Merchant Services are known as QuickBooks Payments that comprise of merchant processing including Go Payment.

    A merchant account functionality is by default amalgamated within QuickBooks application that has simplified the credit payment process initiation by merging the credit cards within the merchant account. Businesses implementing QuickBooks software are known about the functionality of this tool specially designed to assist merchant vendors to successfully make their payment safe and secure. QuickBooks Merchant Services account supports the users to process the payments via invoices, further helps to track, handle and configure transactions directly from the QuickBooks program.

    In order to know more about QuickBooks Merchant Services, you can simply reach out to our Accounting Problem QuickBooks helpline number.

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    Advantages of Link Merchant Account

    Some of the benefits provided to the users through the Merchant Account are mentioned below:

    • Business that employ QuickBooks online version as payment gateway is two times quicker and also easier to email the invoices with the β€œPay Now” link. This also eases in accepting the online payments through debit cards, credit cards and bank transfers.
    • QuickBooks application performs auto deposits payments in the bank within few days successfully. Manual transfer is not required or need to go to the bank.
    • It accepts all the important credit cards and debit cards to accept the payments made.
    • Basically there are two plans initiated by QuickBooks related to keep the fees affordable. They are as follows: (i) pay-as-you-go plan (ii) only pay. The minimum rates per month are also there that assists the users to save money depending upon the processing requirements.
    • Auto invoice updates are available with QuickBooks and your accounting books are updated too when you get paid. Reconciliation process is automatic that involves a great amount of time.

    How to Access Merchant Account from QuickBooks Program?

    It totally depends on QuickBooks version program you have employed to your business. No matter you are using QuickBooks Desktop or online, the user can smoothly use the Merchant Account by following step by step mentioned below:

    Merchant Account under QuickBooks Desktop Version

    • Go to the Desktop and click on QuickBooks icon.
    • Search the QuickBooks company file linked with the Merchant Service Account.
    • Go to the menu bar under the tab labeled Customers -> Click on Credit Card procession option that is followed by Merchant Service Center. (The log in details of the users will be used to log into the Merchant Service Center dashboard)

    Merchant Account under QuickBooks Online Version

    For accessing the Merchant Account with QuickBooks Online version, the user needs to search by choosing the Company preferences option:

    • Sign in to QuickBooks Online version
    • Go to the company file that is connected to the Merchant Account earlier or needs to be linked.
    • Go to the top area of the screen -> Click on the Gear icon.
    • Choose the option of Account and Settings and further select Payments tab.
    • Choose the labelled option labeled as β€˜Link to Configure Merchant Services to the Company file’.

    Else go to handle details if Merchant Account is already connected.

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    Final Words

    The above information and configuration steps help to associate with the Merchant Account with the company file for any use in the future. In case you encounter any sort of problem in the steps mentioned above and in accessing the Merchant Services account, it is suggested to reach out to our Accounting Problem QuickBooks tech support helpdesk team. Connect with the QuickBooks experts.

    πŸ’  Frequently Asked Questions πŸ’ 

    How do I Delete a Merchant Account in QuickBooks?

    πŸ’  Firstly cancel Payments account
    πŸ’  Login your merchant service account as an admin
    πŸ’  Then Select the Account tab and then Account Profile.
    πŸ’  Select Close account
    πŸ’  Select the reason & add comments
    πŸ’  Finally Click submit

    How do I Change Bank Accounts with Merchant?

    πŸ’  You need to make changes in the Merchant Service Center for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Point of Sale
    πŸ’  Login the merchant Service
    πŸ’  Select the Account menu & then Account profile
    πŸ’  Select edit in the deposit account details section
    πŸ’  Now fill the new bank account section.

    Can existing Intuit Merchant Services Accounts be connected to a QuickBooks Online Company?

    QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale accounts cannot be linked to QuickBooks Online. However, you will need to set up your users again in the Merchant Service Center after you link your account to QuickBooks Online, If you use Go Payment.