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Unreconciled a Month in the QuickBooks Online?

    Unreconcile a Month in the QuickBooks

    Are you looking for unreconciling a month in the QuickBooks online? So, you should know that it is an accountant only feature, which means not every user can undo a reconciled month in the QuickBooks. This restriction is placed so that someone does not do it accidentally.

    But your accountant can unreconciled a month in the QuickBooks on your behalf. There are several reasons, you would want to unreconciled the entire month or a transaction in the QuickBooks online. For example, you reconciled a transaction, which was not there on the statement or you matched the wrong transaction. So, in this write up, we will let you know how your accountant can undo a reconciled month in the QuickBooks.

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    Steps to Unreconciled a Month in the QuickBooks Online

    Your accountant will need to follow the below steps to undo a reconciled month in the QuickBooks online.

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    Un-Reconcile in QuickBooks

    Step 1. First of all, your accountant will have to sign in the QuickBooks online with the accountant login.

    Step 2. Now select the client name from the drop-down from the tool belt and open the client’s company file.

    Step 3. In the next step click on setting > then toolbar and select reconcile. Then from the reconcile and account page, click on history by account.

    Step 4.  Now click on account on the history by account page and select the required report period for which you want to undo the reconciliation.

    Step 5.  Further from the action drop-down list click on undo, and when prompted click on yes.

    Step 6. Finally, in the last confirmation window click on undo and select OK.
    Please keep in mind undoing a reconciliation will undo all the reconciliation which comes after chronologically.

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    Un-Reconciled the Transaction in Case of a Different Version than QuickBooks Online

    In case you are using a different version than the QuickBooks online, you can manually unreconciled each transaction to unreconciled the entire month. You will have to follow the below steps for the same.

    💠 Step 1. You need to go on the accounting tab > your company > chart of accounts. Now, select the account that you want to un reconcile and click on the view register.

    💠 Step 2. In the next step, select all the transactions that you want to unreconciled for the period. After that, you will have to keep pressing R until it starts showing blank or clear C.

    💠 Step 3. Finally, in the final confirmation window, click on save and yes.
    In case you are doing it yourself, it is better to consult with your accountant first so that your records are kept in order and you do not have to a lot of rework.

    Hopefully, the above steps will guide you in unreconciling the month in the QuickBooks but in case you still need further information on any point or have some queries in your mind, you can dial a toll-free number and the QuickBooks technical helpdesk will help you.