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Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022 Version

    Upgrade to the Quickbooks 2022 version

    The QuickBooks accounting software is used extensively by millions around the world. Over the years, this premier platform has helped accounting professionals and businesses meet their accounting and bookkeeping needs more efficiently, with less effort. Recently, Upgrade to the Quickbooks 2022 version in a bid to empower its users with enhanced features, QuickBooks has launched the all new 2022 edition on September 28, 2021with subscription based model only.

    Needless to say that just like the previous QuickBooks versions, QuickBooks 2022 has also become immensely popular among small and medium businesses. However, we have received communication from many of our readers that they are not quite sure of upgrading to QuickBooks 2022 version. If you are also having similar thoughts, you are at the right place. Simply spare some time and go through this blog till the end.  We will tell you reasons why you should upgrade to QuickBooks 2022.


    Download the old QuickBooks to QuickBooks latest version 2022

    Here we go!

    🔰 Reasons Why you Should Upgrade to QuickBooks 2022 Version

    The QuickBooks Desktop 2022 version have introduced a number of new and improved features to automate and streamline the day-to-day accounting tasks of businesses. Here, we will point out some of the important features and how these will benefit your business.

    🔰 E-commerce for QuickBooks with Webgility

    With this important feature embedded in QuickBooks 2022 version, you can track revenue originating from different platforms such as eBay, Amazon and Shopify. You can also sync them directly in QuickBooks. It would help you simplify the process of managing e-commerce and obtain a better picture of where you stand from the angle of profitability.

    🔰 Advanced 64-Bit Processor

    The QuickBooks Desktop 2022 version is loaded with the advanced 64-bit processor. this would help you improve the stability and performance of your business. Now you can accomplish your accounting and bookkeeping tasks faster with an even more reliable QuickBooks.

    🔰 Pay and Schedule Your Bills Faster

    In QuickBooks 2022, you can schedule and pay your bills through bank transfer, debit card or credit card. The Vendors can receive money either through physical check or bank transfer.

    🔰 Transparent Bill Approval Process

    In QuickBooks 2022, you can handle your accounts payable with more confidence. With highly customizable approval workflows for your bills, you can manage cash flow better and increase transparency at the same time.

    🔰 Automated Bill Entry and Customized Payment Stubs

    With automate bill entries in QuickBooks 2022 version, you can save considerable amount of time. You can send bills from the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app or from your email. You can simply import the bills into your system and review.
    Bill payment stubs have been added to the existing list of customizable QuickBooks forms. You can also maintain consistent communications with your vendors by emailing payment confirmation to then.

    🔰 Choose you Customer Contacts Easily

    In QuickBooks 2022, you can add multiple customer contacts to any of your batch emails. You can choose the right contact / recipient more quickly from the list of customer / vendor contacts and send emails to them faster. It would also help you reduce possible miscommunication arising out of manual entries of email addresses.

    🔰 Upload Documents From Mobile App

    In QuickBooks 2022, you can easily attach documents by updating them directly from your QuickBooks Desktop mobile app. This way, you can make your transactions faster.

    🔰 Instant Deposit Feature

    You can have your money deposited instantly when your customers make payments. This feature is available even on weekends, holidays and late nights.

    🔰 Payment Links

    In QuickBooks 2022, you can simply send a payment links to payees that do not require invoices. This will make your payment collection quick and convenient.

    🔰 Conclusion!

    In this blog, we have discussed the reasons why you should upgrade to the QuickBooks 2022 version. If you have any more queries, we would recommend you to speak to some of the authorized QuickBooks Live Chat experts.

    🔔 Frequently Asked Questions

    What are New Features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022?

    Ans: Certain new features incorporated in QuickBooks Desktop 2022 are listed below:-
    64-bit advanced processing power
    ⏩ E-commerce for QuickBooks with ‘Webgility’.
    ⏩ Pay and schedule bills faster
    ⏩ Improved Bill approval process.
    Bill entry automation and customized bill payment stubs
    ⏩ Choose from multiple customer contacts
    ⏩ Upload documents
    ⏩ Instant deposit
    Payment links

    What has Changed for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2022 Version?

    Ans: The QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus 2022 version will come with an annual subscription-based license. The subscription will facilitate the customers with added features and functionality ,in addition to their favorite Mac Desktop user interface. The users are bound to get the best value and product experience in this category. This 1 year subscription product focuses on additional support and service offerings that were not available in previous versions. The existing ProAdvisors and customers will continue to receive support ,as per their original license terms.

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