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How to Use QuickBooks File Doctor for Repair Damaged File

    QuickBooks File Doctor

    Integration of QuickBooks File Doctor has been done in QuickBooks 2015 and later. It is used for resolving the QuickBooks 6000 errors and also helps in the preventing of data damage of your company file when opened. QuickBooks software is very helpful in making all the business related aspects easy and convenient.

    Various small scale and medium scale organizations are making use of QuickBooks to make accounting an easy and convenient job.

    When The QuickBooks File Doctor Is Used?

    If you are receiving an error, while opening the company file in the Multi-User Mode on the network like QuickBooks error H505, H101, H303 or QuickBooks error H202, then you may have to run the File Doctor’s external version and also have to perform the other networking related solutions.

    If the problems you are facing are related to the QuickBooks not opening or unable to install then run QuickBooks Component Repair Tool first, in order to ensure that there is no issue related to the windows program.

    Compatibility And The System Requirements For QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

    • For the error H202 related to networking, make sure that Quickbooks external version is used
    • It works for the QuickBooks UK, CA and US versions
    • File and data repair: there is no need to get the QuickBooks installed in your system
    • Network diagnosis and repair: it should be installed on the system running Internal File Doctor
    • The internal QuickBooks File Doctor Tool supports: Win 7, Win 10, Win 8, Server 2003-2012

    QuickBooks File Doctor will get the .NET frame work 2.0 installed in your system along with diagnostic tool, if it is not already installed.

    QuickBooks File Doctor And The Limitations

    • If you want to run the network diagnosis then Administrator login is required
    • In order to get the manual repair done for the file, you should have the internet connection, as file upload will be done through internet
    • QuickBooks File Doctor should be run if you are not able to get the file opened. In case the file is opening and you are able to work on it, then you should avoid running the QuickBooks File Doctor
    • Make sure that the company file you wanted to upload by using QuickBooks File Doctor should be less than 2GB
    • Download will be resumed only if the tool is open. It will get started again, if the tool gets closed
    • If you turn ON the User Account Control for Windows then your tool will get re-launched
    • If you have installed various versions of QuickBooks then Repair functionality and Network Diagnose won’t work properly. Networks fixes work only on the QuickBooks updated and latest version and will not work on the version of Database Manager only
    • .qba and .qbw are the only files in which File Doctor is workable

    How To Use QuickBooks File Doctor

    There are few QuickBooks errors that can be resolved with the help of Internal QuickBooks File Doctor. If such is the case, then you will be able to notice the Start button that is blue in color. All you have to do is just tap on the Start button to make the Internal QuickBooks File Doctor run automatically.

    Important Note: Sign-in to the Windows user by using the rights of Admin so that File Doctor that is built-in could run.

    • Now from the window of No Company Open, get the QuickBooks opened. Do not sign-in to your file as of now
    • Now go to upper left section and choose the File after that Utilities and then Repair File and the Network Problems
    • You will see a window popping up. Click on OK button. Admin rights will be relaunched by the QuickBooks File Doctor
    • Click on Yes for the prompt of Windows UAC
    • To open the File Doctor, a built-in one, tap on the icon which is green wrench
    • Click in order to Continue

    Final Words

    You can take help of QuickBooks Enterprise Support team to get the detailed information on the above mentioned steps. QuickBooks tech support helpdesk and help team is readily available to answer all your queries. QuickBooks Premier Support help could easily be contacted by dialing our Quickbooks Support Phone Number.