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Resolve a Problem Verifying your Payroll Subscription in QuickBooks

    Verifying your Payroll Subscription in QuickBooks

    Whether you’ve typed erroneous registration data, the membership has lapsed, or the file holding the license info isn’t functioning normally, you’ll get the QuickBooks payroll license that has to be reactivated.

    If you can’t Resolve a Problem Verifying your Payroll Subscription in QuickBooks, then you can rely on this post to resolve this error.

    Note: As some of the methods used below are highly technical, you can reach out to our experts if you’re not comfortable with the technical aspects of QuickBooks. Simply QB Live Chat Help 24*7 our experts.

    Delete all Paysub.ini File

    You don’t need to bother about such a record since when you re-enter your registration information, QuickBooks will generate a new record with the same identifier. This allows you to swiftly fix the problem and go back to work on your accounting system.

    Here are the steps that you need to follow to delete the corrupt file:

    1. To view the hidden files, launch Windows Explorer.
    2. Select the View option from the top menu.
    3. Click on the option Show.
    4. Choose the option Hidden Items.
    5. Click on ok. All hidden files will be visible. The color of the folder will be more transparent and light than that of the regular folders and files.
    6. Go to the top right corner of windows explorer, and click in the Search field.
    7. Input the following file name: Paysub.ini.
    8. After selecting this file and right clicking on it, choose Delete.
    9. Ensure that you’ve Repeated the same steps until you’ve cleared your system from all the Paysub.ini files.


    The deletion of the paysub.ini document has no effect on your employee information. It just comprises unnecessary details that QuickBooks reproduces whenever you authenticate your registration after starting the programme. QuickBooks will bring out a new paysub.ini document with the appropriate knowledge after the license is validated, so you won’t experience any errors while dealing with QuickBooks Payroll.

    You must now load the most recent payroll patches. Loading the most recent patches will provide you the most up-to-date taxation rates and schedules. You’ll also get the most up-to-date forms included in the programme, allowing you to quickly populate out and complete your taxes online.

    Resolve a Problem Verifying your Payroll Subscription in QuickBooks

    You’ll be permitted to resubmit your membership credentials once you’ve erased the paysub.ini file, and you’ll be ready to commence operating.

    Install latest QuickBooks Updates

    You may quickly obtain the most recent tax tables and forms if you have the most recent QuickBooks release. You can choose to receive all patches and updates or just the ones you believe are necessary. Installing all of the modifications is recommended since it makes it a lot easier for QuickBooks to remedy any deeper causes.

    Here are the steps to update QuickBooks Desktop:

    1. Right-click on the QuickBooks window symbol to open it in a new window.
    2. Choose the Run as Administrator option.
    3. Go over to the Help section of the list.
    4. Pick QuickBooks Desktop Update.
    5. Select Mark All from the Options tab.
    6. Choose the Save option.
    7. Select Update Now and then Reset Updates.
    8. Once the update packages have been acquired, tap Get Updates and quit QuickBooks.
    9. To begin installing all of the patches on your machine, select Yes.

    You’ll receive a complete notice after the programme has been loaded. QuickBooks will not ask for approval to patch the programme until it has been closed. However, make sure you obtain the patch data beforehand so you don’t run into any problems during the upgrade.


    Setting automatic updates allows QB accounting software to automatically download all the patches and updates available. When the files are downloaded, QB will let you know so that you can authenticate their installation.

    Load the Latest Tax Tables

    Intuit distributes modifications on a frequent basis to guarantee that its users have access to the newest speed tax tables. Particular payroll adjustments are given out on a constant schedule to assure this. For both state and federal taxes, these revisions bring the charges updated.

    To get the latest tax tables in QuickBooks desktop, follow the steps provided below:

    1. From the main menu, click on Employees.
    2. From the provided options, choose Get Payroll Updates.
    3. After clicking on Download Entire Update, select Download Latest Update.
    4. Wait for all the update files to be downloaded to your system. The time taken will ultimately depend upon your network speed.

    You may now apply the patches on your PC when they have been retrieved. This guarantees that you get the most up-to-date tax tables. It also simplifies the system of filing taxes easier and more accurately.

    Online Management of Payroll Account

    To continue with the procedure, go to the payroll profile administration page and log in to your profile. You may then dismiss the tab and launch QuickBooks. You can subsequently delete the modifications in QuickBooks desktop.

    Payroll PIN for Direct Deposit

    QuickBooks desktop has many payroll updates available for use. You can simply rely on a different plan to get things done. However, you must choose the plan you want wisely and after knowing about these features in each of them. Because payroll is essential for your business, putting in the time to check the right plan for your organization will always be a long-term benefit.

    Here are the plans available for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll:

    • Basic
    • Enhanced
    • Assisted Service

    All the three plans are subscription based: you need to pay a monthly or annual fee in order to use these services. If the subscription expires, the service will automatically be disabled in QuickBooks. So always ensure that you’re making timely payment for your payroll subscription.

    Online Activation

    Online activation makes the process much more linear and efficient. As the service is updated online, you don’t have to do a lot of manual work that other forms of activation require.

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    You’ll need the 16 digit service key that you received when you purchased QuickBooks Payroll Desktop Service.

    Here are the steps to activate QuickBooks Desktop payroll service online:

    1. In QuickBooks Desktop, open the Company File that contains the payroll data.
    2. Select Employees, then Payroll, then Enter Payroll Service Key.
    3. Click on Add.
    4. Input the Payroll Service Key to authenticate direct deposit. This key is 16-digits long. Click on Ok.
    5. Confirm the message for Payroll Update.
    6. View the status of your Payroll Service. It must be marked Active.
    7. Click on Ok.

    Do you want to change the service key instead of entering a new one? QuickBooks Desktop has the option of edit that shows up only if you have a service number currently entered in QuickBooks Desktop. You can click on the edit option to change the service key and enter in a new one after you’ve removed the old one.


    Users who purchase the subscription from a third party retailer/vendor can find the service key on the CD/DVD cover. If you can’t locate your service key, get in touch the person who sold you the subscription. They’ll be able to give you that particular information, which is necessary for activating payroll inside QB.

    Creating a Payroll PIN

    Security is essential, especially when it comes to paying employees and storing their sensitive information. If this data is somehow stolen, the organization can get in huge trouble. That is why Quickbooks adds a second layer of security: Payroll PIN.

    Even after logging into QuickBooks Payroll Service, you need to enter the PIN every time you want to direct deposit funds into the accounts for your employees and contractors.

    However, before you can start with direct deposit, you have to provide and verify essential data related to your business and payroll officer. Once this data is verified, you can create a Payroll PIN and get started with direct deposit after you’ve collected the personal information and bank account details of your employees.

    The following data is required to create a Payroll PIN, which is essential for enabling direct deposit in QB Payroll:

    • Important Business Info:
      • Organization’s name
      • Organization’s Address
      • Organization’s Federal Identification Number (FEIN)
    • Important information about the Payroll Officer:
      • Name of the officer
      • Address of the officer
      • Date of birth of the officer
      • Social security number of the officer
    • Bank account details:
      • Account Number
      • User ID
      • Password

    After entering all this data, you can follow the steps provided below to get started with Direct Deposit in QuickBooks Payroll:

    1. Go back to the dashboard and click on Employees from the top menu.
    2. Choose My Payroll Service, then Activate Assisted Payroll.
    3. Input the necessary details, then follow the instructions provided on the window.
    4. Create a Payroll PIN that is 8-12 characters long. QB doesn’t allow the special characters in Payroll PIN. So go with capital and small letters, and numbers.

    The payroll PIN that you create can be used to authenticate the payment to your employees. However, only a few people should have the knowledge of this PIN so that it can stay as private as possible. As direct deposit is now enabled, you can enter employee information and the details of their bank accounts to get started and make payroll a lot easier than it is currently.


    Note: If you’re still struggling with Resolve a Problem Verifying your Payroll Subscription in QuickBooks, get in touch with our experts via live chat 24×7 help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q 1. Is it Possible to File Taxes Online Using the Payroll Service in QuickBooks Desktop?

    Ans: You certainly can. However, you must first enter all required info, such as workers, and then gather tax records. After you’ve completed all of this, you can order tax documents electronically and utilize the information in QuickBooks to fill them out immediately. You may now connect into your tax filing profile, enter your user credentials, and file the documents.

    Q 2. What Features are Used to Deposit Salary into the Bank Accounts of Employees?

    Ans: QuickBooks Desktop Payroll includes direct deposit capabilities, allowing businesses to transfer salaries directly into their workers’ savings accounts. Before you can use this tool, you must first input all required information about a company and Payroll Administrator into QuickBooks Payroll. After that, you’ll need to generate a Payroll Pin, which would be necessary for bank transfer authentication.

    Q 3. Is QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Service Secure?

    Ans: Yes, it is. The data is encrypted using the latest security algorithm. Further, multiple levels of authentication are required to access the payroll data and the direct deposit feature.

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