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How to Fix “WDDM Service Not Running” Problem in QuickBooks

    If you come across the ‘WDDM Service not running’ problem in your QuickBooks account all of a sudden, then possibly there is some sort of issue with the Windows version that you are using or the driver has not been updated. If your QuickBooks is working slowly, gets frozen, and has many such troubles while operating then it might be due to the presence of the WDDM Service not running in QuickBooks. There are ample reasons that can lead to this error in your system while working and get you in trouble.

    Many more reasons can cause this problem so a list consisting of them all is given below. This article also has ways to resolve this WDDM service not running error inclusive. So, you can just go through this article thoroughly to fix this issue. After that, you may quickly get back to work and do it more efficiently.

    Causes of WDDM Service not Running Problem in QuickBooks

    Now that you have come to know about what exactly the ‘WDDM Service Not Running’ problem in QuickBooks is, let us quickly learn about its primary causes that are listed below as they may help you to resolve it more effectively with great ease.

    • You encounter this error if the DLL files in your computer system are hampered or corrupted, even when you have updated the Windows.
    • If your system is caught by some kind of malware or virus, you have to face this problem as it infects various important files.
    • This problem occurs when the driver is not properly installed or it has not been updated.
    • If the process such as installation and uninstallation is not done properly, that may also introduce your system to this problem.

    Troubleshooting WDDM Service not Running Problem in QuickBooks

    There are some steps that you should know and follow to fix the ‘WDDM Service not running’ problem in QuickBooks. The steps have been mentioned below, you may have a look at them.

    The sequence of the steps looks like Run as an Administrator >> Open the Safe Mode >> Boot your system and press the F8 key >> Check the Drivers >> Check the Windows version.

    Total Time: 35 minutes

    QuickBooks Running as Administrator

    In this step, you are supposed to make sure that you log in to Quickbooks as the Admin and do the rest of your work by running the software as an Administrator all the time.

    Computer Opening of Safe Mode

    In this step, it is very important to start your computer system in Safe Mode as it prevents the occurrence of the ‘WDDM Service Not Running’ problem in your QuickBooks account.

    Boot System and Press F8

    In this step, you are required to boot your computer system. Ensure that while the booting is in the process you press the F8 key on your keyboard to get the safe mode of your system into use.

    Checking if Drivers are Updated

    You need to check the status of the drivers in this step. This means that you have to see if the drivers are updated to their latest or not. If they are not, then you have to update them. The steps to check the drivers are given below.
    🔹 To begin with, make a double-click on the File Explorer on the desktop to open them.
    After that, you need to make a right-click on My Computer or This PC and then choose the Manage option from the menu thus shown.
    🔹 Once you are done with the above step, you will find that a window named Computer Management gets opened. 
    🔹 Now, you are supposed to tap on the option named System Tools and click on the Device manager after that.
    🔹 After the device manager opens, choose the option Properties and go to the ‘drivers’ tab and check if there is any update available. If yes, then do it.

    Check for Version of Windows

    In this step, you have to check whether your server windows have been updated to the latest available version or not. In case they are not updated, then get them done.

    How do you get in touch?

    Now that you have come to know about the resolutions that can be used to fix the ‘WDDM Service Not Running’ problem in QuickBooks are not as complicated as they seem to be, you can follow them carefully and solve this issue on your own. In case you give it a try and still can not help yourself out, do not hesitate to get in touch with the QuickBooks customer helpdesk team for better assistance. Even these solutions were also provided by experts having years of experience in the same domain. They are always available for their customers to sort out all the glitches and will be glad to help you out whenever required with the best possible solution.

    Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).

    What are the Basic Prerequisites that I Should Take Care of Before I go Ahead and Fix ‘WDDM Service Not Running’ problem in QuickBooks?

    🔸 You must ensure to meet the following requirements before moving ahead to resolve the error, as these may create problems if not taken care of.
    🔸 Keep your QuickBooks software updated to the current version available.
    🔸 Keep a check on the Internet Connection, if the Internet connectivity is poor it might cause trouble.
    🔸 Ensure that the settings on the firewall are appropriate as required for the proper functioning of the software.

    Can I Resolve ‘WDDM Service Not Running’ Problem in QuickBooks with the Help of Some other Method Apart from the ones Given in this article?

    Yes, apart from the solutions provided above, you can also make use of the following steps for automating the WDDM service to fix this issue.
    🔸 The First and foremost step is to navigate the Control Panel.
    🔸 Head on to the Authoritative Tool area.
    🔸 Pick out the WDDM service from the rundown and make a right-click on it.
    🔸 Go and choose the option Properties.
    🔸 In the Properties tab, the first tap on General and then the Startup type.
    🔸 Finally, select Programme as the Startup type.

    What are the Steps Used to Update the Server Windows to Troubleshoot “WDDM Service Not Running’ Problem in QuickBooks?

    You can get the following steps into use to update your server windows manually.
    🔸 Begin by opening the Start menu.
    🔸 Visit the Microsoft System Center and choose Software Center.
    🔸 Head on to the Updates section menu.
    🔸 Hit the top-right button that is named Install All and install the updates.
    🔸 Finally, restart the computer after the update installation is complete.

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