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TLS 1.2 Update for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows?

    tls 12 for quickbooks desktop for windows

    Do you also get the update for TLS 1.2 for your QuickBooks Desktop? But you don’t know anything about this update and wanted to know about it. Then here you are at the right place where we are going to tell you about this update, compatibility, and about the system requirements.

    TLS 1.2 is an advanced portal of Internet Security which secures your important data that is written by us in the QuickBooks desktop version. It provides you the stability and security both. So this is the good update that can you can do if you get this update. There are some requirements that you need to do for updating the TLS 1.2 for your Desktop QuickBooks.

    System Requirements are as Follows

    To avoid the issues after this update you need to take care of these requirements that it can be fulfilled before you do the update.

    1. Firstly make sure that your QuickBooks Desktop Version is up to date.
    2. In this the Operating System you need is-
    • Windows 7
    • Windows 8.1
    • Windows 10
    • Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Windows Server 2016

    Note: – If you are not able to understand this then you can do one more thing just run the TLS 1.2 Readiness Tool. It will automatically get your system updated and after that, you can update this.

    Steps for TLS 1.2 Update for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows

    Now, if you don’t have this version of OS then you need to update it also. Sometimes we ignore the requirements and without fulfilling it we update the version of the software without knowing its impacts on the services of software. So, if you do update it and not meet the requirements then it will affect the various services of your QuickBooks. The affected services are as follows:-

    • Many services like online banking, payments, Payroll, and many more
    • New System QuickBooks Desktop Activation
    • If you forget your password, then you cannot use the Password Reset Tool.
    • The services in which authentication is required are my apps, secure webmail, contributed reports, and many more services.
    • Protect the Intuit data
    • Order check and supplies (Basic Functions)
    • E-filing of VAT

    Conclusion :

    This TLS 1.2 for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows update is useful as it secures and stables the system. So, you can do it by fulfilling the requirements. If you have any queries then you can call us at our QuickBooks support toll-free number.  You can also Drop us an email or do a live chat with our experts. We are glad to help you out and we are always here to solve your glitches.